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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Photoshoped the photo a little so I dont show you my whole room.

So I've seen a couple of 'Dressing Table' posts on some other people's blogs and I thought that I would do one. I think a dressing table is the biggest part of your room, because you can decorate it which ever way you want it. It describes your personality and what you love best. Im always rearranging my dressing table, but now I think it's finally how I want it. I've decorated my dressing table with everything and anything that looks 'vintage'. I use my dressing table as my make-up station (as I call it) & my hair station. As I do not want to show you my whole bedroom, I thought this would also be a nice little post for people who are interested in reading things like this.

Floral Boot - Bootsale.
Alice In Wonderland Book - My librarys bookshelf.
Cadbury's Fingers Tin - My dads.
Floral Plate - Bootsale.
Rose Shaped Candle Holder - The Range.
Diamond Fairy Lights - Ikea.
Yankee Candle - Cane & Able.
Rings - Local Store.
Other bits & bobs - Local Stores.

Lots of love,

~Hope xx


  1. I love your wallpaper!


  2. So pretty, I have the same dressing table and I love it. I might have to take a looksee at the range because that candle holder is gorgeous

    1. I defiantly recommend you should! I get most of my decor for my room from the range when I see something that takes my fancy! x x

  3. Dressing table is an important item of furniture for home. Your dressing table is looking so fabulous and unique. You have managed it beautifully. I like the mirror and candle holder very much. I just love the floral boot. Thanks for sharing.

    dressing tables

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment!

  4. Aw everything is so gorgeous and pretty! xxxx


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