Skincare Review : Re-Gen Cream

Thursday, 7 June 2012

I love trying new products for my skin and see how they work with it. I am always up for trying new brands and ranges. I think skincare is something we really need to pay attention to, nobody wants dry or horrible skin, and I think we all like trying something new. Theres no point spending alot of money on make up if  we dont  have nice skin underneath, we need to make sure our skin is up to scratch.

My skin is a par between dry and oily. I have a dry nose and cheeks and oily forehead and chin. Thats not great in my opinion and I like finding something that will work and help my skin. I rearly ever gets spots but when I do they are quite big and tend to scar. My spot scars, as I call them last for weeks, even months! I do not like the look of the scars my spots leave.

In late January last year I descovered a product named Re-Gen cream. It was only £1.00 from a shop called Home Bargains, so I thought why not? You can also purchase the cream in Boots & Superdrug. I was searching and searching for weeks for something good and honestly buying Re-Gen cream was the best thing I've ever done.

Re-Gen cream helps:
  • Prevent and reduch the appearence of stretch marks.
  • Improve the condition of skin with scar tissue.
  • Protect against the drying effects of wind and water & moisturises dry skin.
After using Re-Gen cream for a couple of weeks I definatly saw a difference, my spot scars and blemishes were nearly gone, my skin looked more hydrated and fresher & my skin felt so soft, it was lovely. I still use Re-Gen cream to this day.

Re-Gen cream lasted me a good 5 months, you hardly need any cream on your fingers because it spreads out enough to cover the whole face. I usually gently dab my finger in the pot twice and that would be enough. I apply Re-Gen cream in the mornings after my skin routine and in the night and that will do the trick!

I really do reccomend you go out and buy Re-Gen cream, if you like your skin to feel soft, look fresh & get rid of all the bad skin, im telling you, right here, right now! Buy Re-Gen cream! I promise you, you will not be dissapointed with the results you will see!

Have you tried Re-Gen cream? Was it your cup of tea? Would you buy it again?

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