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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Hello Lovelies!

Seen as it's now my summer holidays, I have decided to pop out to town and buy some bits and bobs for my holiday in October, it's so far away but unless I start now I wont get any of the nice bits! These clothing items and other purchases are mainly for my holiday, I will list where I have bought everything from if your interested.

Sandles - Primark. Under £10.

These are just part of some of the sandles I am taking on holiday with me and I love them. The first pair on the left are a pastel pink and the strap is glitter gold. The other pair on the right are grey with a neon pink strap. I think these would be perfect for your holidays.

Silver skull bracelet - £3.99, International.
Green diamant√© bracelet - £4.99, International.
Greece Blue eye bracelet - Gift from my friend.

I love these bracelets, as soon as I saw the skull bracelets I fell in love and for under £5.00 its a perfect price! The bracelet that I received as a gift from my friend was so thoughtful and kind, and I absolutely love it! I haven't stopped wearing it since I received it from her!

As you may have all seen these 'Ying Yang' leggings that Topshop are now selling, I saw them on their online store and I just had to grab a pair! Walking into my nearest store and finding out that they had none in there, I was devastated, but I soon had some luck and saw them in Cardiff. I was so happy that I saw and bought them, and I cant wait to wear them!

Skater skirt floral dress - Matalan £20.

When I saw this dress I fell in love straight away, and I just had to buy it! I've recently fallen in love with the 'Skater Skirt' style look and seeing that this dress had this look and was floral, I just had to get it!

I think it would be perfect for any occasion and I cannot wait to take it on holiday with me!       

Now I just love this maxi dress! It is a floral African print dress and for just £13.50 in the sale you couldn't go wrong! This would be perfect for holiday or just for a night out! 

Now onto bikini's!

I love cute and girly bikini's and finding the ones that really suit my style, I've fallen in love! If you cant tell, this bikini is just pink and white strips with a mint green bow in the middle.

This was in the sale for a total price of around £6.00, which I thought was a perfect price.

Top - Matalan £2.50.  Bottoms - Primark - £3.00.
I love this daisy print bikini top and it was a perfect price in the sale for £1.50 instead of £6.00! Again I had to improvise with the bottoms as the daisy print bottoms were quite 'showy' and I didn't want that, so I bought a yellow pair of bottoms to bring out the yellow in the daisies. The bikini bottoms were £3.00!

I love this bikini! I love the floral print, it has a 'strapless bra' effect to it, this was in the sale from Matalan! Once again I had to improvise  with the bottoms as they didn't have my size, *cry* so I just bought these plain black bottoms from Primark.
Top - Sale, £3.50.
Bottoms - £2.00.

 I love this cheetah print bikini, I've wanted one like this and when I found this one I was over the                      moon! This was a total price of around £7.00 and I think if you like cheetah print this would be
purrrr-fect (see what I did there?) for you!

I love reading and once I saw these three books I just had to buy. I love the film 'Water for Elephants' and when I saw the book, I was intrigued by it and had to buy! The other two books were actually from Poundland, haha. I never usually buy books from there because they are usually rubbish, but reading the backs of these and they sounded quite good, so I bought them!

The Self Preservation Society - £1.
Then We Came to the end - £1.
Water for Elephants - £4.00.

Do you have any of these items? Would you like to buy them?


  1. I absolutely loe everything you got! Especially the bikinis, they are all gorgeous <3 Lovely blog too :)
    Zoe xoxo

    1. Awh thank you so much for your lovely comment Zoe! I'm glad you liked everything I've bought and that you liked my blog :-) xoxo

  2. The african print dress is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, it was a bargain for just £13.50! x

  3. I love all the bracelets, I really want one of the greek evil eye bracelets!!

    1. Why thank you! I was so chuffed when I got it, I was looking for one to before I had it, haha! x


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