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Friday, 17 August 2012

Hello m'lovlies! I hope you have all had a fab day despite the horrible weather we having having at the moment! So I've been wanting to do this post for a while and then I totally forgot to post it so here it is now! 

The piercing.

I've recently just had my ear pierced, I had it done on the cartilage on the top of the ear called the 'Helix' if you want it done and don't know what to ask for! I was so frightened to have it done because I heard a rumour that you can hear your ear crunch and that it hurts a lot! Surprisingly it didn't and it was over in two seconds, I didn't hear it crunch and there was no pain, but we are all different and it could really hurt for you, but in my opinion it really didn't! I had it pierced in my local Claire's, and they used a gun! Usually they say it is better to use a needle as the gun does something to the cartilage, but I think that is a load of wally! My ear has turned out find, it is now better than ever!

Here is a picture of my ear:

(Sorry for the horrible ear by the way!)

After Care Cleaning.

I have to clean my ear three times a day with Claire's own 'After Care Lotion'. It doesn't smell to great, but it cleans my ear so at least it does the job! I use a cotton bud, which are the flat budded that I bought from Superdrug. I find these the best as the usual cotton buds put too much pressure on my ear. The cotton buds cost around 80p something cheap and the after care lotion I had for free.


Healing time can take up to a year at the least but I was told that I can take it out after 12 weeks, which I wouldn't advise to do as the ear could go to a cauliflour ear, which none of us girls (or guys) would want! My sister had her helix done and taking her earring out after 12 weeks cause her ear to get infected and horrible! So please if you have had it done, DON'T take it out after 12 weeks! 

I am properly going to leave my earring in for up to a year so I know it can then heal properly! 

Have you had your helix pierced? Did you find that it hurt? How long did yours take to heal?

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  1. The ear piercing care is so important to avoid infection. It can be very painful and something my cousin went through not too long ago.


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