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Monday, 31 December 2012

Hello m'lovlies!

I hope you all had an absolutely amazing Christmas, and recieved all the presents you wished for! I had a lovely Christmas this year. Spending quality time with my family, eating lots of food and drinking champange (apart from me who drank a J2O), it was bliss. Although the gaining weight part of Christmas I am not so fond of. It was so nice just spending time with my family, and watching lots of Christmas films!

Today before 2012 is over I thought I would do a 'What I Got For Christmas' post and show you some of my favourtie gifts. I know that some people do not like these types of posts because the think the blogger/vlogger is bragging about their presents. I would just like to say that I am 100% not bragging about the gifts I recieved this year. I am so so so grateful for each and every present that I recieved and I couldn't ask for a better family! I know that some readers like seeing these types of posts and are interested in what people recieved, but if you don't like these types of posts you don't have to read it. :-)

First I recieved a pair of Dr Martens in the colour Ox Blood (I'm pretty sure thats the name). I absolutely love these shoes, and I've been wearing them nearly everyday to try and break them in, but recently I've had to not wear them as they have cause serious pain and injuries to my feet. So right now I am giving my feet a break. Haha.

Next I recieved a KINDLE. I was so so happy when I recieved this as I have gone on about owning a Kindle for donkeys years. My mum and dad bought me the Kindle Paperwhite. This is the newest Kindle I'm pretty sure and you can adjust the brightness of the screen - so you can read in the dark. I absolutely love my Kindle and I have already read two books off it and I love it!

I recieved the most gorgeous purfeme from my parents this year and it is the Naughty Alice by Vivenne Westwood. I love the smell of this purfeme it is so fresh and girly, I love it! It came in a box set including the purfeme and a body lotion that smells just like the purfeme! I tend to use the body lotion on my wrists and neck rather than my purfeme on a daily basis as I like to keep this purfeme for only special occassions. Using the body lotion is just like using the purfeme, it's great either way!

I also recieved this purfeme called Outspoken Intense but Fergie. I love this purfeme, it smells so nice and I definatly reccomend you buy either of these purfemes as they both are gorgeous!

I loved the scent of Yankee Candle's Christmas Cookie and I really wanted to get it in the large jar, so when I opened this Christmas morning I was totally surprised and excited! I literally haven't stopped burning it since I recieved it. It smells so lush and reminds me so much of shortbread!

If you know me you would know that I am a sucker for Cath Kidston. I absolutely adore the prints, bags, mugs, everything! I was really interested into trying the Cath Kidston hand cream and when my parents gave me this I was really amazed. I love the smell, it smells gorgeous and it makes my hands so smooth.

I absolutely adore this bowler hat I recieved. I had been looking for one everywhere for one but, and I will say this, they didn't fit. I haven't got the smallest skull and often get picked on because of it, but when I tried it on it fitted perfectly so im happy. It goes with almost all of my outfits and I have worn it every day. I absolutely love it and I am so chuffed.

I received three bags this Christmas which I was very lucky to have. I absolutely love all of these bags. They are all so gorgeous and I have used each of them already! The first bag (Green, polka dot one) is so lovely. It is really spacious inside and reminds me of a Mary Poppins bag! You can fit everything in it. The second bag (Black faux fur one) is also lovely. The fur (which IS fake) is so soft and I love using it. Last of all the third bag (Peach studded clutch) is gorgeous. I love it! It is a pinky peach colour and has gold studs. It is great for a night out. They have these bags in Zara and I fell inlove with it, so my parents did well on that!

I received this little set of tea light holders for Christmas and I love them. If you cant see what they say, they say 'love, wish' and the one in the middle is in the shape of heart. The best thing about these tea light holders is that when you burn the tea light, the light shines through the little holes and make the words really visible and easy to read. I adore them.

I received this gorgeous lamp this year. It is a birdcage lamp and I absolutely adore it!! It has fake diamond charms dangling from it and when it is lit it looks so pretty! I was always admiring this lamp when I first saw it so again my parents remembered well!

If you know me you will also know that I absolutely love McFly. I attended one of the concerts back in 07 and it was amazing! I am so excited to read this book. I bet it's going to be amazing!!

I received this gorgeous gift set of Soap & Glory bath products which came in a huge cute pink bag! I bought this with my mum when we saw it was on offer for £27 down from £60! Bargain!!! It includes the:
-Heel Genius.
-Hand Food.
-Clean On Me.
-Smoothies Star.
-Peaches and Clean.
-Righteous Butter.

Everything in this set smells gorgeous and leaves my skin so smooth and squeaky clean!

I also had some awesome cd's this year! I had Taylor Swift - Red, Frank Ocean - Channel Orange, McFly - The Best of McFly, One Direction - Take Me Home, Calvin Harris - 18 Months and Bombay Bicycle Club - A Different Kind Of Fix. All of these albums are great and I love listening to them!

I also received the best cups EVER! I received one that looked like a camera lens and a Hello Kitty Bottle!! I love both of these and I haven't stopped using them!!

And last but not least! I received the Miranda Hart Series! I absolutely love love love Miranda Hart! She is the funniest woman ever! (apart from my mum, of course)! The Miranda series never fails to make me laugh and I was so excited when receiving it!!

As I said I am 100% so so so grateful for what I was given for Christmas and I am so thankful for having such an amazing family!! I hope you liked this post and if you did please share it! :-)

~ Hope

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