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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Hello lovelies,

If you read my previous post ('My Birthday 2013..') you would know that yesterday it was my 15th birthday (woo hoo!)! So now I am looking for a new outfit to wear to the meal I am hosting at the Harvester next Sunday with a few of my closest friend to celebrate my "belated birthday" if you want to call it that haha! So I did a bit of online shopping - without buying anything and I made an outfit up and tomorrow with mumma and papa Barks I will be buying the outfit, yay! I hope you like the outfit!

I love this Jersey Midi Dress, I think it's so simple but you can either dress it up or down. You could wear it at a night out or just a simple casual day outfit. For £12 I just think this is a complete bargain. Matalan do a different range of colours for this dress so I suggest you check them out!

I just love this jacket. I think it looks really edgy and would look great with any outfit on a night out with friends or family.

I love these earrings. I think they are simple and would look really cool with any outfit you throw on, and for £3 they are a bargain!

I love this necklace so much! It's so lovely and edgy, it's great! The chain is a kind of tube chain with pretty detailing and the arrow is just a solid gold. I think it could edge up any outfit.

I absolutely love love love these rings! I have honestly been looking for these type of rings for about 5 months! (No Joke) I saw these rings on Asos but they didn't have any in stock - whether they do now, I do not know but I am going to buy them from River Island instead! I think they are so cool and would look fab with an outfit, they would definataly get people staring at your hands.

I love the bracelet so much - Wow I have said 'I love' a lot! Haha, but really I do. I love this bracelet. I think it definatley goes with the edgy outfits and would look amazing and would stand out to the crowd.

I hope you like this post, and if you like of the items, you know where to buy them! 

~ Hope


  1. Lovely outfit! I've been eyeing up some of the gold tubey rings in H&M which are £3.99 for 5. They also do them in silver. Just a quick heads up for you!

    Lindsey. x

  2. Thank you for telling me lovely, I will check them out! xx


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