My Birthday 2013

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Hello Lovelies,

It was my 15th birthday yesterday (happy birthday to me!) and it was fabulous! I woke up to a day off school with mountains of snow - woo hoo! I went sledging and made snowmen with my bestest friends and my parents bought me the most prettiest and delicious birthday cake ever! The downer part of my birthday was the fact that my siblings could not get to my house to see me (stupid snow), but apart from that it was lovely!

Here are some pictures for you to see :-)

 My birthday presents / My Dr Martens / Andrew Barton hairbrush / Spending my night watching friends and lighting Yankee Candles / Presents off my friends / My giant cupcake Birthday Cake / Cake and candles / Out in the snow / My front garden / Myself in the snow / Pretty view / Snowy trees / My best friends being geeks :-P.

 So, these were all of the photos I took on my birthday! I had such a lovely day and I feel really weird being a year older for some reason, haha! I hope you are all enjoying the snow (if you have any) but please stay safe!!

~ Hope 

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