20 Facts About Me.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

 Hello m'lovelies!

I have seen this post flying about some people's blog's and it is the 20 facts about me. I have usually watched these kinds of 'tags' on YouTube but I thought it would be fun to do it in 'blog form', if you want to say that! I was thinking about doing this in 'video form' (wow I am using apostrophes alot) but seen as I am very shy - that could be #1, I couldn't bring myself to the camera.

So instead of me babbling on, lets get started! Also, I hope after this you don't think I am some strange, weird person, haha.

So, um, this is me. Nice to meet you, *handshake*, I already like you.

1. I am incredibly shy. I always have been. I have never been good at introducing myself or making friends. When I met my friends back along last year after moving schools, my introduction consisted on saying 'Hello, hi, hiya' countless of times, which in my mind looking back was properly very annoying, but honestly if you got to know me you would find out that I am actually a pure nutter who never stops laughing (hope that doesn't sound big headed).

2. I suffer with panic attacks. My panic attacks came across last October when I was on a plane flying to Turkey. I got so hyped up that I thought the plane was going to crash and we were all going to die - bare in mind watching a program watching a plane crashing the day before your holiday properly isn't the best idea. Ever since then sometimes every month or every two months I have a panic attack. Since October I have properly had at least 3 panic attacks. My panic attacks aren't really bad, they roughly last up to half and hour to an hour.

3. I am horribly afraid of swimming.When I was younger I always used to go swimming with my dad, I loved it, I remember I used to go every Sunday morning, but then in year 7 my swimming class had to dive into the pool at the deep end. I was horrified, I hadn't ever dived into a pool before, let alone the deep end. I was refusing to jump until one of my friends jumped with me, so I did jump and as I did I hit the water with my mouth open, sunk to the bottom of the pool, hit my head taking all of the water in and I couldn't breathe. I came back up and I burst out crying but the class and my teacher had all left and went back into the changing rooms, I was locked out. All I can say is, wasn't my class lovely? 

4. I HATE feet, I haven't a clue why but I just do, they freak me out so much. Even looking at my own feet they give me the heebie jeebies.

5. I love America, I have visited America twice. I feel like it is my second home, it is so bright and beautiful. I love it! I am hoping to visit again soon as I can't get enough of the place. I would also like to visit New York, Canada, Scotland and any other beautiful place in the world.

6. I always cry at films and books, whether happy or sad. I recently went to the cinema to see The Impossible and I could not stop sobbing. I can't control myself, I always seem to cry no matter what the film or book. I cried at the near end of Tangled when Flynn Ryder nearly died - is it sad that I know his name?

7. I would like to be either a fashion journalist or editor. 

8. My favourite bands and artists are The Wombats, You Me At Six, Two Door Cinema Club, Taylor Swift, One Direction (sorry if you hate them), and Frank Ocean.

9. I love coffee, I always drink it, day or night. I used to live off tea but now it's just a big no no. 

10. I hate school so very much. I cannot wait until I leave and go to university. 

11. I hate bullies, real life or cyber bullies. After being a victim of both of these types of bullying I wish for bullying to stop. It's such a horrible thing to go through and see happening, it's revolting. I hope if anyone is ever bullied they tell someone.

12. My favourite stores to shop in are Topshop, River Island, Urban Outfitters, Cath Kidston and charity shops. 

13. My favourite food has to The chicken and bacon stack from the Harvester. I hope one day I can steal their recipe and cook the meal all day and night. My favourite food used to be burgers, but I have been put off by them now as they all seem to have some kind of horse or pig in them.

14. Ben and Jerry's is my all time favourite ice cream ever. Seriously. My favourite has to be the cookie dough!

15. When I go to Starbucks I either order a hot chocolate or the Strawberries and cream frap.

16. I prefer Orange or Orange and passion fruit Fanta than coke. Coke after a while to me kind of reminds me of the smell of foust and it puts me off completely.

17. I love pretty pictures and photography. I love going out with just me, my camera and tripod and taking photos. 

18. My favourite movies are, (500) Days Of Summer, Tangled, Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Monte-Carlo, Harry Potter(s), Twilight (sorry!!), The Princess Diaries.

19. I love the Welsh language. I am studying it for GCSE, seen as I live in Wales it is a compulsory subject but you can also pick it as an option. Here's a line for you guys, *cough cough*. Fy enw i ydy Hope Barker, rydw i'n un deg pump oed a rydw i mynd i ysgol Llantarnam.

20.  I love English Literature. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Sorry if I come across very boring and uninteresting, I hope I don't but if you liked it please share!

~ Hope

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