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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Hello Lovelies,

Another post for you today as I had a lovely shopping spree with my mother and spent a few pennies, so I thought I would share with you what I bought!

I will say how much and where I bought all my purchases from if you would like to buy something I have bought!

'The Rolling Stones' Cropped top. Primark - £8.
I absolutely love this cropped top, and I just had to buy it. This would look so pretty in the spring with either high waisted shorts, a skater skirt or disco pants. At the minute I am rather un-confident to wear this without a top underneath, also because I need to loose weight, but I love it anyway!

Today I ran out of foundation, so I had an instant panic and had to get some. This foundation is absolutely amazing, it leaves my skin looking very natural and very healthy. When looking at the make up stand I saw this Rimmel 'Stay Matte' powder. I have heard good reviews about this powder so I decided to pick this up also.
Both Foundation and Power retailed at £5.

If you read my post on Re-Gen Cream, you would know that I absolutely live off this stuff! I love it and it is so good to my skin. Re-Gen cream is used for Dry Skin, Stretch Marks, Scars and Blemishes. I use this cream as a facial moisturiser and for dry skin.
If you would like to read my review on this cream, click here.

Today I bought an absolute bargain. Yes at first sight it may look like a shoe brush but actually it is a Back combing brush for your hair. Let me firstly say back combing your hair is not really the thing to do as it damages your hair very badly, but it doesn't hurt once in a while does it? Haha. In drug stores like Boots and Superdrug this brush retails at around £4.50-£5.00, but I bought this brush in Primark for £1, honestly I don't see the difference between the two as they are exactly the same.

I also bought some of the Lynx girls body spray as I have recently run out of my other body sprays. After a while I had gone off the smell of this fragrance but recently I have loved it again! I bought this for £1.99 in Superdrug. The usual retailing price is around £2-3.

First of all let me say this.. If you have NEVER tried Coca Cola Vanilla go and buy some! It is the nicest drink ever to exist - apart from iced tea of course. This wouldn't be something I would drink all of the time as the amount of calories and sugar in it, but oh my it is tasty!

Lastly I bought this new Dairy Milk chocolate, which is the Toffee Popcorn. I bought this for 79p from Home Bargains, which was another bargain as it usually retails at £1.20. Right now, whilst blogging I am eating a strip of this chocolate and it is the nicest thing ever. It is so yummy, but very rich, so you wouldn't want a lot, haha.

I hope you have liked this post!

~ Hope

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