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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Yesterday I popped out and bought my very first Models Own nail polish - I am no longer a Models Own virgin! Being good old 3 for 2 Boots I couldn't resist and just had to buy more than one. I am just in love with Models Own and I've only had the polishes for a day! All of the colours are gorgeous, and I definitely need to go back and buy more! The colours I bought are the Banana Split scented, Strawberry Tart scented and Jack Frost. Unfortunately the scented polishes are not actually scented, only the lids are which is slightly disappointing but we can all get over that! The lids smell great anyway. 
Strawberry Tart - This colour is a gorgeous pastel pink. It is very dainty and girly.What more could you ask for in a nail polish? It reminds me of a fairies. This shade is fabulous for the summer, and would look gorgeous with floral dresses and light weight cardigans. 
Banana Split - This colour is a very pretty pastel yellow but also very bright. It will stand out to the crowd and looks gorgeous on the nails. This colour is also perfect for the summer and would look lovely with summer dresses. This shade is also part of the Fruit Pastel collection. The other three shades in the collection are Apple Pie, Grape Juice and Blueberry Muffin. They sound delicious don't they? I will defiantly be buying the other three shades! 
Jack Frost - I just love, love, LOVE this polish! - (capitols required). It is a silver glitter nail polish, who doesn't love a little bit of glitter? It is so pretty and fairy like. It reminds me of fairy dust! This polish over the Strawberry Tart would look so pretty! This would look very nice on a night out if you wanted to dress your nail polish up a bit. If you want a full glitter coverage then a couple of coats will be required, but we don't mind that now do we girls?
I definitely recommend Models Own nail polish if you haven't tried them already! All of the shades are so gorgeous. I don't think there will be a shade you will not like! Models Own do many different collections of nail polishes like the Fruit Pastel Collection and the Ice Neon Collection, and I definitely recommend you have a look them! 
If you've ever tried a Models Own nail polish, tell me in the comments box what you think of them and what your favourite shade is. If you can choose! 

~ Hope 


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  2. Oh my god these are so cute! Shame that only the lids are scented... whats the point in that? Great post lovely xx


    1. I know right, haha! They would be so much nicer if the actual polish was scented! Thank you very much lovely xx

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