My Week In Instagram #2

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hello Lovelies!

Seen as I have been gone for so long, I thought I would just do a quick post and share with you, in pictures, what has been going on in the last week! It's been a long and busy one, full of hectic mayhem, lot's of revision & schoolwork and shopping! So buckle up and enjoy the ride!

In order of photo's...

♡ My dad brought home 'Elle' magazine. I was 10x more excited when I saw the 'They're real' Benefit mascara with it too! 

♡ I bought the MUA natural eye shadow pallet. (Will do review on this.).
♡ My new notepad and stationary tin.
♡ Borrowed (stole) my mum's bright pink phone case - who doesn't love a bit of pink? 
♡ My new stationary tins! 
♡ Picture I took on my SLR of some beautiful lavenders. 
♡ I watched Pitch Perfect - amazing film.
♡ Cwtches (cuddles) with Buddy. 
Avobath bath bomb from Lush. 
♡ Tried a Naked drink, they are so yummy.
♡ Mum and dad brought home some Hello Kitty ice creams.
♡ Some new stationary for school. 
♡ My new popcorn holder from Doodlebug.
♡ Cushions.
♡ Bed Spread.
♡ Reading The Hunger Games - Catching Fire.
♡ My Benefit Mascara.
♡ The Avobath bath bomb from Lush - apologies for the repeat.
Comforter bubble bar from Lush.
♡ Who doesn't love Starbucks??
♡ I felt like a complete loser that day.
♡ Asking for reviews on the 30 Day Shred.

                                                               Hope you enjoyed this post!

                                                       ~ Hope

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