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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Hello Lovelies! 

Previous in my I'M BACK! - Exams, Blog, YouTube, Tumblr... Life post I mentioned that I had started a YouTube account to share my thoughts on all things fashion and beauty. I had also mentioned that I had recently filmed and uploaded a Recent Purchases video showing all of you lovely people what I had recently bought during the past couple of weeks. 

So, I thought I'd post the actual video right here so you guys can watch it quick, and easy!

I'm new to this whole YouTube process so please be kind (which I'm sure you will be). Also, if you like my channel and video's please subscribe and like a video. I would honestly love you forever if you did, and I will give you a BIG virtual hug. 

If you have any requests for any other videos you would like to see in the future, or because you would like to subscribe please click HERE!

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~ Hope

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