Sass & Belle Rose Garland

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Let me say first that I am probably the worst blogger ever. I hardly ever write on here anymore due to exam stress and course work, I literally think my head is going to explode! But, I hope you don't mind as you are all wonderful. This post is mainly on the picture above. Recently I have invested into a new bed frame, which I am blinkin' loving! It is so pretty, old fashioned and defiantly my cup of tea! It is lower down than my other bed, and once being up, jumping onto it to sit down was a shock to me - haha. 

Today, whilst being stuck in the house doing endless revision, my parents went shopping - as you can imagine I was envious, and my mum came home with this gorgeous rose garland. This garland was from a shop called 'Doodlebug'. Doodlebug is a gorgeous vintage gift shop filled with many unique, retro and pretty items. Doodlebug is a local store in my town, and I don't think there are any other stores around the country, I'm not entirely sure.

This rose garland is by a company name 'Sass & Belle'. I have never heard of this company but seeing this garland I am loving them! This rose garland is a price of £10, which is quite dear  for something like this, but in my opinion, totally worth it! It is so dainty and wraps round the headboard easy peasy! The flowers are a mixture of dark, and light pink, which I think is a gorgeous contrast! I mixed the rose garland with my fairy lights, which makes my bed look 10 times more pretty! 

I defiantly recommend you trying to find a garland similar to this either on Ebay, or any local gift shops as it will make your bed look gorgeous, and you will love it - promise!

This was a really quick post today, squeezing through my endless revision, but I hope you don't mind!

~ Hope
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