Birthday, Meal and Family Outings.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Recently, I have celebrated my beautiful mumma's birthday. To top the day off the weather was gorgeous and all of the family came around to visit. During the day we stayed at home watching my mum open her presents, and having a lot of giggles with all of the family. We also had a beautiful lemon cake decorated with a dozen edible daisies. In the evening myself, my mum and dad went to a local restaurant and had a divine tasting meal, the portions were huge and were too big to finish. As the weather was so lovely, instead of going home we had a stroll around the lovely village taking in the beautiful sun and looking at all of the gorgeous different coloured houses. We also found a river that was surrounded with beautiful trees, and plenty of grass that we could sit on and watch the world go by. 

Once back home we all decided to have and early night, so we jumped into our pyjamas, chose to catch up on some reality TV shows and cracked open a bottle of wine -  I had a divine tasting beverage of an orange J2O. Overall the day was fabulous, we had a lovely meal, took a long walk, saw all the family and had a beautiful decorated cake. What else could you ask for?

I am so thankful for having such a beautiful mother. She is the most kind, caring, generous, beautiful person ever and has such a lovely personality. I couldn't replace her for the world.

~ Hope.
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