Kate Moss Lipstick Review

Monday, 24 June 2013

I absolutely love the Kate Moss lipstick range. All of the shades that are featured in the range are all so gorgeous and flattering. The shades go from light pink to vibrant red, suiting a colour for everyone and any occasion. Every lipstick is sold at a price of £5.49. This is an absolute bargain for such a gorgeous lipstick.

The lipstick has a gorgeous shine and is very bright due to the shade. I purchased shade 16, which is a pinky coral colour. Once putting it on, the colour is very strong and doesn't need a large number of 'coats'. The lipsticks do not stay on all day compared to long lasting lipsticks, probably a limited time of 2-3 hours, they will also come off easily when you have either eaten or drunk, but overall the are fabulous!

I absolutely love the packaging for the Kate Moss lipsticks, it is so simple and pretty but looks quite high end. With Kate's signature on the lid, it completes the look of the whole packaging.

I highly recommend these lipsticks to anyone who is experimenting with make up, or looking for a lipstick that has a gorgeous colour. At a cheap and affordable price these lipsticks are defiantly worth each and every penny.

Have you ever tried a Kate Moss lipstick? What is your opinion on them?

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