Rest In Paradise; My Gorgeous Baby Megan.

Friday, 19 July 2013


Megan Barker, 20 years old.

Today, my gorgeous, beautiful darling Megan passed away. 15 years she stuck by my side. Megan was not only a cat, she was a family member who had a huge impact on my childhood and life. She would protect me every night by my bed and has still protected me until this day. She was the most gorgeous little cutie ever and she will never be forgotten. 

Megan was in a critical state and it would have been too cruel to keep her suffering. She was in so much pain and wouldn't eat, and hardly drink. She had next to nothing of a voice and it was hard for her to purr. The vets predicted that she had liver and bladder problems and also was anemic. Her back legs were slowly giving in and it was extremely hard for her to sit down and walk up the stairs. She also was urinating anywhere she was present as she could not make it outside fast enough and also she was unable to clean herself.

I could not attend the vets as I couldn't see her leave the family, it is too heartbreaking. The vets said that the life limit for a cat is around 14 years old, so it is amazing how she had gotten to 20 years old and how well we looked after her. I feel extremely sad that we had to let Megan go, I hate using the term put down as it sounds so horrible. 

My mum told me that when the vet had sent her to sleep he positioned her as if she was cuddled up sleeping. We had not seen Megan cuddled up for months and my mum said she looked very peaceful and like she was sleeping.

We have burred Megan in our garden, and have given her a lovely place to continue dreaming. We have placed an angel ornament to keep the angels watching over her and protecting her and I will always go out to see her and speak to her. Even though our beautiful angel has left us, I still feel that she is always with us, and I know she will forever be in my heart.

I know that Megan is in a better place now, she is in the clouds watching over us, protecting us. I hope she is having fun in heaven and is with her sister Sushi and all of her friends.   

Megan meant the absolute world to me and I will never forget her. She has always been there for me and has always protected me. She was my best friend and I could tell her anything. 

I love you so much Megan, it's unexplainable. Please never forget the family and I, because I know we will never forget you. 

Hugs and kisses to you sweetheart x 

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