London Visit And Haul

Friday, 23 August 2013

From the 2nd to the 5th of August I visited London with my parents for the very first time! *Insert bad blogger explanation to why this post is late* I had always loved London, so my parents decided to take me there for a long weekend! Honestly, London is the most amazing place I have ever visited in the UK. The atmosphere, the buildings, the people and of course the shops are all amazing. Obviously I spent a few pennies whilst there. I just couldn't resist. Who can't? So I picked up a few bits.

All aboard the Ted Baker wash bag train. Yes, I caved in and bought the Ted Baker was bag. I absolutely love Ted Baker. From the accessories to the clothing, everything is beautiful. I looked all around London trying to search for the wash bag. I even got trapped into the Tube train doors! Contain your laughter. I hurt.. very much. And finally, I found it in the Ted Baker store in Oxford Circus. 

The wash bag is a gorgeous pinky peach colour with a lovely black bow, a rose gold square 'plaque' and zip. It is very spacious, which is very convenient if you would like to put alot of make up or skincare inside. The wash bag is priced at £30. I had to convince myself, and my parents if I wanted to splurge on this luxury item, but I am so glad I did.

So this is a big deal for me. My first ever Mac lipstick. Now this took some convincing for my parents as they were the ones who were purchasing it for me as a gift. £15 for a lipstick is pretty pricey, but all of the Mac lipsticks are said to be such good quality and they do such a beautiful range of colours. The shade of my lipstick is 'Speed Dial', which is a gorgeous quite vibrant but subtle pink. I cannot wait to buy more.

The last few bits were from the V&A museum. During the time we were in London, the museum were doing a David Bowie exhibition. Unfortunately tickets were sold out and we couldn't go in, which was a shame. We were allowed to browse in the gift shop where they were selling many David Bowie items. I picked up two post card pictures of Bowie himself and a picture of a couple of cut up sentences/words. If you don't really know much about David Bowie, he wrote his songs by cutting up random sentences and words, muddled them up and then put them together. 

The V&A museum also have a fashion exhibit showing many pieces of clothing, accessories and shoes from the 30's to the present day. The items shown were all gorgeous, very unique and were pieces that I would wear. The fashion exhibit also had a gift shop selling quirky items of jewellery and many different fashion books. 

Once I spotted the 'Little Dictionary Of Fashion' by Christian Dior I was so excited and just had to buy it. I absolutely love this book. It gives Christian Dior's personal views towards different items of clothing/shoes/accessories and how you should style them. There are also some illustrations included inside. The book was price at £10 which is a little more pricier for a book, but it is worth every penny!

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