Perfume Wishlist & Top Picks!

Friday, 20 September 2013

1. Chloe is such an amazing fragrance, this is my mum's favourite scent, and Chloe is also her name (coincidence?), so whenever I smell it on anyone or my mother herself, it reminds me of her. Chloe is such a lovely, girly fragrance. Also the packaging is gorgeous! J'adore. I would absolutely love to say this perfume sits nicely in my room, but unfortunately it doesn't, but hopefully someday it will.

2. 'Si' by Armani is the most incredible thing I have smelt in a while. Si is a recently new scent, and I can tell that it will be incredibly popular. It has a lovely, all year round scent, in my opinion, and is just perfect. The packaging too is so pretty and expensive looking! I am lost for words.

3. Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Every girl who is obsessed with girly, fresh scented, floral perfumes probably owns this perfume. I am also one of these girls, but unfortunately I do not own precious Daisy. I absolutely love all of Marc Jacobs' scents, and all of the packaging is just simply gorgeous. All of the bottles are so girly, and pretty.

4. Miss Dior. Two words. Absolutely gorgeous. I adore this scent. Yes, I am repeating myself continuously but this scent is such a lovely, fresh, scent and I would love to have this perfume in my perfume collection.

5. Co Co Chanel, Mademoiselle. I haven't yet tried out a sample of this fragrance, but it sounds absolutely lovely. If you have got this perfume, or have tried out a sample, please leave a comment below with your thoughts. 
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