The Sleek Face Form Palette

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Sleek Face Form Palette - Superdrug £9.99

Now, if you haven't got the Sleek Face Form Palette in your make up collection, you are missing out and need to buy one asap! I have always loved Sleek. From their lipsticks, to their palettes, I have always been a huge fan and highly recommended them. 

The Sleek Face Form palette contains three different pans. Contour, highlighter and a blush. Each make up product is very pigmented and very good quality. The blusher that is featured in the palette is a HUGE favourite of everyone at the moment, it is the Rose Gold blusher. The Rose Gold blush is a very subtle pink with tiny pigments of gold. It look so flattering on the face and is very elegant. It also looks gorgeous paired with the highlighter. I am still practising with the whole contour your face and look like you have perfect cheekbones thing, but I am getting there! I don't want to go into public looking like a clown! - haha. 

For  £9.99 I think this palette is an amazing bargain as if you were to buy a blusher on it's own it's RRP would be around the £5.99 mark! So in some respects you are buying three items for the price of two! How amazing is that?!

I highly recommend you purchase the Face Form Palette. I have been using the palette for around 2 months now, and I haven't used anything else since! I also wont be using anything but the face form palette from now on! They offer the face form palette in many skin tones, to suit all types of coloured skin, so don't have to worry about finding the right colour palette for you! 

I am a huge lover of Sleek, and if you haven't tried out any of their products yet get down to your nearest Superdrug or Boots and pick up some products. I cannot recommend Sleek more!

If you have tried any of the Sleek products and would like to recommend me any products please leave me a comment below! 

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