The Body Shop 'Honeymania' Body Butter

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

When I heard that the Honeymania range was in my local Body Shop I just had to pop down and pick up a body butter, even though I really do not need any more. I usually can't bring myself to spend £13 on a body butter as it is a tad expensive, but this body butter was an exception. If you didn't guess already the scent for this range is honey, and it is gorgeous! The honey scent is not too strong, but leaves a lovely scent on your skin that you can smell for the whole day.

This product isn't like other body butters. Rather than being quite runny and having a liquid texture, this product has quite a hard texture and is easy to apply on your body. I prefer to have quite thick textured body butters as they don't make a huge mess everywhere. Is it just me, or does anyone else manage to get liquid textured body butters everywhere? What I love most about this product is how quickly it dries and that it is not sticky on your skin. 

Unlike some other body butters, the Body Shop butters dry so quickly which is brilliant if you have somewhere to go. The thing I hate most about body butters is how long you have to wait for them to dry. I hate having to stand around because I'm too sticky to sit down.  

Another benefit of the Body Shop body butters are that they are incredibly nourishing. Once you have applied the butter to your skin you can instantly feel the nourishment and hydration, this is perfect as we are now starting to feel the cold and we all need beautiful hydrated skin!

I have been a huge fan of the Body Shop for a long while now, and I couldn't recommend them more for their skincare range! I also have been debating whether to try out some of their make up products, I have heard some good things about their make up range. If you have any recommendations of any skincare, or make up products just pop a comment below. I won't bite! 

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