The Tartan Scarf

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

'Jumper' Jumper - River Island ● Tartan Scarf - Primark ● Rings - Primark/Topshop ● Nail Polish - 'Mushroom' by Barry M

Oooo, what's this, a fashion post I see? Well this is very new to the blog! Seriously though, I have been love, love, loving tartan this month, and when I saw this tartan scarf in Primark, I just had to pick it up and buy it! The scarf was around £4.00 which is an absolute bargain! 

Now, you either love tartan, or you hate tartan, just like Marmite. I happen to love tartan print, but too much tartan is a definite no, stop right there thing. The quality of this scarf is very good, it's quite thin, but once you have folded it up you have a not too heavy thickness. You can dress this scarf up with any outfit, whether it be you are going for an edgy look, or you are going for a girly look, but with a hint of edge. 

I personally love to wear this scarf with a leather jacket or a parka,  jumper, leggings and some boots. A personal favourite of mine is either Dr. Martens, or Chelsea boots. You can also style this scarf up with dresses, and skirts. If you would like to see a lookbook type post on How I Style Tartan, just leave a comment below!

I love how the scarf is detailed. It is slightly frayed on the bottom, which you can't see because I'm rubbish at photographing products  which is a nice detail to have, also it sits perfectly and stays how you want it to stay once you have decided how you'd like to wear it. 

For £4.00, I think that this scarf is definitely worth having in your wardrobe this Autumn/Winter, it doesn't keep you the warmest, but it definitely makes your outfit look gorgeous! I really do want to pick up some more tartan pieces, as I think I have now developed a new obsession, and if I do pick up some more tartan items I will be sure to update you!
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