Book Wishlist

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

1. The Carrie Diaries - First out of a two part series. The Carrie Diaries is the time before Sex In The City, and lets you into the teenage years of Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker in S.I.T.C). In the book we meet Carries best friends and teenage heart throb Sebastian, and after her 'best friends' betray her, she starts to question everything and finally decides to go after everything she has ever wanted. Read more HERE. 

2. Summer And The City - This is the second book in The Carrie Diaries series, and this time we see how Carrie is coping around the big apple. Carrie is in love with the big apple, the vintage clothes, the crazy neighbours and the wild parties. Read more HERE. 

3. Sex In The City - Sex In The City is the book before The Carrie Diaries, now where Carrie is living in NYC, a 'young writer looking for love in all the wrong places.' Read more HERE.

4. Pretty Little Liars - After watching all four seasons of Pretty Little Liars in a month, then you can pretty much say I am HOOKED on this programme, and soon to be on the book series. If you haven't watched PPL I definitely recommend you watch them. They are addictive and will definitely make you fall in love with some of the characters! Lots of people have said that the books are 10x better, and I already thought the series was amazing! Read more HERE.

5. Fangirl - This is the third book by Rainbow Rowell, and was released in September this year. Fangirl you probably have already guessed is about a young fangirl. Cath is a twin and being a fan is her life. Cath is a Simon Snow fan, and is literally obsessed with the series. It is what helped her and her sister cope with her mother leaving them. Read more HERE.

6. Lauren Conrad 'Style' This is the first fashion book that Lauren Conrad released, before releasing her Beauty book in 2012. This book gives you all of Lauren's tips on how to look unique and create your own outfits to show off your style! Read more at GoodReads.

7. Lauren Conrad 'Beauty' - Now as I am pretty much a beauty ADDICT, you could say that this book would be a definite MUST HAVE for me. This beauty book shares all of Lauren Conrad's beauty tips and tricks on how to keep healthy skin and have flawless looking skin from using foundation. I think this book will definitely help and teach me more about make up, and gain more knowledge on how to do different things, experimenting with make up. Read more HERE. 

8. LA. Candy  - I have been interested in this book series for a long, long time now. After my lovely friend Jess from mentioned the series to me I just had to look into these books! If you would like to read more into this book, click this link HERE where you can go onto GoodReads and read the blurb.

9. Sweet Little Lies - This is the second book in the LA Candy series, written by beautiful Lauren Conrad. This book series sound so good and if you love a good, girly book to sit down and read with a cup of coffee (or tea!) then these are definitely for you. GoodReads link HERE.

10. Sugar And Spice - This is the third and final book in the LA Candy series. I am so excited to purchase them and read. They sound amazing. Good Reads Link HERE. Lauren Conrad also has another book series including The Fame Game, Starstruck and Infamous
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