Sunday, 8 December 2013

Aloha everyone. Long time, no see! I'm sorry for the lack of posts but due to mock examination revision I have had no time, but I will elaborate on that a little later! 

Yesterday I had the delight to go to the Clothes Show Live 2013 25th anniversary event! I've never gone to the Clothes Show before, and honestly, it was such an amazing experience. The whole day consisted of hundreds of people running around looking at different beauty and fashion stalls, and probably spending a penny or two. I know I did! 

The whole atmosphere was amazing. With live catwalk shows, interviews and live music always going on throughout the day, you were never bored. There were also a few celebs there such as Petre Andre, his manager Claire, Amy Childs, Mark Wright, boy band Kingsland Road, Tom Evans and the gorgeous girls from BINTM. Just to clarify, there was some major fan girling happening! You never did not see a group of girls running around trying to get a photo with someone!

There were some pretty big brands at the Clothes Show such as Barry M, Models Own, Rimmel, Just Susan, So...? and so many more. There was always something to look at and buy. The best thing about the shopping experience were the goody bags that you could buy. Let me just say one thing... OMG!

I honestly don't think I have ever seen so many people carry around so many goody bags, and seeing so many AMAZING prices. The Barry M goody bag consisted of £75 worth of products for just £10! Amazing right? Also, I had a Just Susan goody bag worth £30 for £5 and a Mint London Nail products goody bag worth £40 for just £10. I also received the ELLE goody bag £2, and The Clothes Show goody bag. 

All of the products inside of these gift bags were incredible and I am now the new owner of 10 new nail polishes with some lovely nail accessories. I also have some beautiful new eye, lip and cheek products. I will be doing a separate post on all of my products soon!

At 3pm we were scheduled to go to the live fashion show. Myself and my parents who were with me throughout the day had amazing seats! We were not too close or too far away from the stage and I could get some extremely good visions of everything that was happening throughout the show! The show was around 45 minutes and was filled with amazing talent, dancers, singer and of course the beautiful models. To open the show the very lovely Tom Evans entered on stage and gave one lucky lady - who was not me, a gift bag and then the extremely talented Kingsland Road boys popped on stage and charmed the girls with their talent. 

The show was a blast and fabulous was to celebrate the 25th anniversary! Some of the clothes the models were wearing were amazing and I would love to have the pieces in my wardrobe. The theme of the show was autumnal wear, party season, swimwear and lingerie, and I can tell you it was brilliant. Also, there were themed dances for Zumba, street and ballroom. Lovely variety. I was extremely surprised when I saw that the man who was leader of the 'Zumba' routine could go into the splits! 

To end the show there was a big dance number with all of the models celebrating new years day. A perfect way to end such an amazing show. On the plus side nearly all of the men were shirtless, which I am sure many of the girls liked to see throughout. 

I absolutely loved the show and I was so pleased that I got some good shots of all of the models there. I wish that I could go to a fashion show everyday! I also have more shots from the show, but I chose some of my favourite for you all to see.

Oh hello male model looking directly into my lens! 

Once we left the amazing catwalk show, I was lucky enough to spot another show happening on the Coca Cola stage. All of the pieces were created and designed by various students from different universities who offer a fashion degree. Some of the pieces were gorgeous, others were very artistic. I loved seeing all of the pieces come together and look so creative! 

I especially love these outfits that are on the more 'vintage', grunge street style look. I thought they were very unique and I would personally wear some of the designers pieces! When the second designers clothing entered the stage I was extremely surprised to see pieces that looked like sleeping bags. I think they were sleeping bags anyway! I thought this was very creative and nothing like I have ever seen before from a catwalk.

The bright and bold colours really stood out and I think it was a really good way to catch peoples attention. I personally would never wear this in public, but who knows, it may come in handy one day if you're going camping and want to wrap up warm!
A very unusual but artistic piece of work I would say to myself! What do you all make of this designers pieces? 
Last of all from this show were these beautiful pieces which I loved and thought were so girly and perfect for spring. I love the dress in the second photograph. It would look perfect in the spring/summer season.  These pieces were also very artistic and unusual, but in my opinion, normal is boring and weird is wonderful!
Lastly, just before the end of the day and I was literally going to drop if I kept shopping I saw all of the beautiful girls from BINTM modelling some different and gorgeous pieces. I was so excited to see them all and I ran over to the stage where I could get a good spot and some good snaps! 

All of the girls were so flawless and I'd never in a million years think that I would ever see them all in real life! All of the outfits were again winter and party season looks and I really wanted the pieces they were all wearing. The party season looks were all extremely sparkly and I just loved that! Lauren (winner of BINTM) was wearing this gorgeous long, cut out leg silver sparkly dress, but I couldn't get a photo of her in time! She looked absolutely outstanding though! 

These are some of the winter looks I love. I especially love the fluffy headbands, snoods and hats. I was tempted to purchase one but I just didn't want to spend £15 on one of them. Hopefully I can find one locally and a bit cheaper. If you know where to get the fluffy headbands please leave a comment below! 

Sarah (picture on the left) looked so beautiful, and I'm envious of her long hair! She looked gorgeous in the fluffy snood and sparkly pieces! Also, the glitter dress that Angel (first girl on the left in second picture) was wearing was amazing. I would definitely wear this at a party! Would you?
Once the show had ended I really wished I could have seen them all again, but unfortunately they did not come back out. So, I started to head back to the exit once I saw another goody bag for just £2, so obviously I had to pick that up, and then popped onto the shuttle bus to get back to my car.

Oh, just one more thing.. I saw Lauren from BINTM! I was so amazed at how gorgeous and tall she is! I wish I could be as tall as her! Lauren was so lovely and kind to speak to. So many people were trying to have a photo with her and I just made it in time to have a photo with her before she left!

The Clothes Show Live was such an amazing day. Hopefully I can attend next year as there are so many amazing things going on throughout the week! If you have never been to the Clothes Show, I definitely recommend going as you will have a blast there, and you will spend a penny or two. There is no objection. You just can't resist! 

If you have been to the Clothes Show in recent years or even this year, pop a comment below to tell me your thoughts on whether you think it is a blast! 

* Just a quick note. This will be my last post out of two for around two weeks. I have mock examinations for the next 2 weeks before we break up for CHRISTMAS, and I really need to work hard on them as they are really worrying me and I need to get my grades. 
Wish me luck! *


  1. Wow what a dream! That would be amazing! Good luck on your mock exams! :) This time of year is always so stressful with finals rolling around and the desire to just be with family and friends for christmas!

    1. It was rather exciting! Thank you so much, that is so lovely! I hope I do well. I have now done three out of seven mock exams and hopefully I have done okay. Yes I totally agree, the only thing that is getting me through my exams is that Christmas is right around the corner. Happy holidays!

  2. Wow how exciting! I would love to go one day, bet it was a nice break from revision + you look amazing, could be a model yourself :D
    Good luck with the mocks, I know that feeling all to well but keep positive, make sure you look after yourself well and your mocks will go great-i'm sure! :)
    Liz x


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