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So as you all know on the 7th of December I went to the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham. If you don't know what the Clothes Show is, it is basically a day filled with hundreds of girls spending money on clothes, make up and accessories. Oh, also there is a huge runway show with some very gorgeous models. 

I picked up some amazing items from the Clothes Show and I am so excited to share them with you all! I saved so much money, it was unreal. Talk about a bargain! Let's get started. 


Once I headed over to the So Susan cosmetics stand I just had to pick up the goody bags on offer! The goody bag was just £5 and the cosmetics inside come roughly to aRRP of £110! How amazing is that? Inside the goody bag I received the 8 hour cheek stain, Intense eye shadow palette, Water based pure luminizer and the Lip & cheek subline. All of these products are amazing and are definitely worth their RRP.

I absolutely love the packaging for the So Susan cosmetics. It is so girly and the colour schemes are beautiful. I love the floral patterns and the bold lettering. Is it just me or are you also obsessed with the packaging of make up products? I think it is a slight obsession of mine. I also have to keep any boxes that make up products come in if they are pretty, *bows head in shame*.

I just love the lip & cheek stick from So Susan. I mainly use this on my lips as I already have the 8 hour cheek stain. The colour of this lip stain is a gorgeous coral, orange colour. The colour isn't too bright so it can be worn in the autumn/winter months. The lipstick is contained in a small tube, which is the same colour as the lipstick itself. 

The wear of the lipstick is around 3-4 hours, which isn't too bad, but after that time you will need to top it up. I hate it when your lipstick wears off, but there is excess lipstick on your lips. It looks so messy. One of my top pet peeves! 

This lipstick looks gorgeous on the lips and looks beautiful with a subtle eye look. Perfect for these cold, winter months. If you can get your hands on one of these definitely pick one up!

The eye shadow palette from So Susan is just perfect for the winter months. The colours are very warm colours, including purple, blue, brown and a dark green. Perfect for a smoky eye effect. The wear of these eye shadows are absolutely amazing. They literally stay on all day, you can see a tiny bit of wear with them, but overall they are incredible. I like to pair these eye shadows with my Dainty Doll eye shadow base. The eye shadow base is amazing and keeps any shadow on for hours! 

The packaging of this palette is not too gorgeous, but they say simplicity is everything, and honestly it is right! The palette comes with a little brush, but I don't personally like to use these brushes so I just stick with my good old Eco Tools eye shadow brush. 

This eye shadow palette originally retails at £25, but I got it with the goody bag just for £5. I still cannot believe that I only paid £5 for such an amazing cosmetics.

.Swatches of the eye shadows and lipsticks.

The last two products I received from the goody bag were the 8 hour cheek stain and the water based pure luminizer. Both retailing at £25. 

The eight hour cheek stain is packaged in a screw up tube. I love this idea as you can never lose or waste any of the product. The packaging also reminds me so much of the Clarins packaging due to the red and white theme. The product itself is incredible. The stain is a gorgeous pink/coral colour and gives the skin a very healthy look. The product lives up to it's name and lasts almost up to 8 hours, amazing if you have a busy day ahead.

The texture of the product is extremely soft and kind when applying to the skin. So no skin hurt ladies! Fabulous! You also need hardly any of the product at all when applying. So there is a huge guarantee that you will be keeping this beauty product with you for a long while. Just a dab on each cheek, blend it out (unless you're going for the clown look) and you're good to go! 

The product is also a great size so you can easily pop it in your make up bag/ handbag if you feel like you need to top your blush up. 

The last product I received, the Water based pure luminizer is fabulous for highlighting your cheek bones/brow bones. The liquid itself is not very watery and is very soft. BEWARE, you hardly need any of this product, it is extremely pigmented and shiny. I made that mistake, I looked as if I poured glitter onto myself! 

The product comes in a really accessible packaging with a tube like end for the product to come out, super easy for on the go touch up. I also love the design on this tube. With the floral design and bold lettering featuring the brands signature tag line, you can't go wrong. Super girly and looks gorgeous in the make up bag. 

If you can pick up any of the So Susan make up products, I highly recommend you do! The quality of these cosmetics are absolutely outstanding, plus the packaging is gorgeous. You can find all of these products here


I also received this amazing Mint London goody bag packed with 4 of your own choice nail polishes, and lots of nail accessories and goodies! The RRP of the products are £40, but I bought the goody bag for just £10! Another amazing bargain.

I picked up four colours that would suit the season and also colours that I don't have. I chose a lovely medium orange colour that would be perfect for this season. I also chose a gorgeous teal colour, light red, and a gorgeous beige, gold toned colour. All of these colours are perfect for the autumn/winter months, and would look fab on Christmas day. 

The wear of these nail polishes are reasonably good, lasting around 2-3 days. This is just my experience though, it may be different for you, but after around 3 days I will have to remove and reapply. Each nail polish retails at £10.99, but are worth it. 


Whilst I was at the Clothes Show live I also picked up a Barry M goody bag for £10, worth £75! This goody bag has to be my favourite out of all of the goody bags I received from the Clothes Show, packed with brilliant products which I love. 

The first things I decided to look at straight away were the nail polishes! If you know me you will know that I absolutely love nails polishes and already have around 70! (Slight obsession). I absolutely love the colours I received from the goody bag. Two of the colours are sheer colours, I received the gold and silver sheer colours. These are perfect for putting on top of other polishes and would look lovely dressing up Christmas nails. The other two colours are a beautiful coral/pink colour, and a gold crackle effect nail polish. 

I absolutely love Barry M nail polishes, and they only retail £3.99 each, so if you haven't tried a Barry M nail polish, what is wrong with you?  go pick one up from your local Boots or Superdrug! 

I also received two beautiful Dazzle Dusts. I have heard a lot about these little pots of joy, but never picked one up even though I have looked at them 1000 times, so when I saw that these were in my goody bag I was jumping with joy - literally.  

Both of these dazzle dusts are extremely pigmented and are amazing to create some beautiful eye looks. I had a very pretty light pink colour, and a jet black colour that would look incredible for a smoky eye look. These are truly little pots of joy. These little pots of joy retail at £4.59 each. What a bargain!

My little pots of joy. Oh so pretty...

I also received two beautiful eye crayons, the sparkly pink and the gorgeous matt purple eye crayon. I also received a blue khol eye pencil, but I am still trying to figure out how I can rock this look and a very pretty pink lip gloss.


Whilst I was at the Clothes Show I looked around a couple of the clothing stalls, and if I am completely honest I didn't think it was that fantastic. It just reminded me of looking round an outside market, but when I saw this Fifi Lapin print jumper I just fell in love with it! I absolutely love the Fifi Lapin designs, they are so cute and pretty.

I bought this little bundle of cuteness for only £17, which I thought was slightly pricey but I just had to own it. This jumper would look so cute with a pair of high waisted jeans or a skirt with a leather jacket. The perfect winter outfit! 

Just a little close up of how cute these designs are! 


I don't think I have ever received so many magazines in one day! I love reading fashion magazines, Company and Elle are my favourite, so once I received them I was so happy. The amazing thing about the Elle magazines is that I got a free OPI nail crackle polish, and I only had to pay £2 for the goody bag! Talk about money saving! 

If you haven't visited the Clothes Show Live yet, or were unable to make it this year I definitely recommend you go next year. It is such an amazing experience, and you can pick up some cracking buys! If you would like to read my more in depth post about my day at the CSL you can click here

*I have not been paid to talk about any of the products in this blog post or to advertise any of the company's*


  1. Looks like you picked up some absolute bargains, fab haul x

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