HAPPY NEW YEARS... A Look Back On 2013!

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

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Oh my goodness! I cannot believe that in less than four hours we are in the year 2014! This year has gone so incredibly fast and I cannot believe how fast it has gone. This year has been such a better year than last year. I am not saying that this year has been perfect. There have been many up's and downs in 2013 where I've had to lose someone extremely special to me, and go through some really hard times. But, I've also had some extremely good memories in 2013. Such as my trip to London, going to the Clothes Show Live, meeting Lauren (winner of BINTM), blogging more, creating a Youtube channel, and so many other memorable things that I'd never thought I would do before.

Life will always bring you up's and downs, I am a religious person and I am a true lover of God, and Jesus Christ. I  believe that without good and bad times in your life, your life would just be flat and non realistic. But, I know that when I do have a bad day or have to go through something extremely hard that God is just taking me into a better place and pushing me towards something uplifting and incredible. He is directing me and guiding me through life, an I feel so blessed that I have someone like that in my life who I can trust in and I am so blessed. 

Another really big part in my life apart from Christ, is my family. My family is just so supportive of me and just support and give me confidence about everything I do. If something goes bad such as in School, or if I messed up, they are never there doubting me, they are supportive of me and reassure me guiding me and telling me how to improve, or are caring and sympathetic towards me. I could not be more blessed than that and I am so thankful to have them in my life. 

This years been a pretty hectic, but amazing road, and I am so excited to see what next year has to give me. Hopefully they will be exciting and 2014 shall give me big opportunities. I am excited for 2014 as I shall be moving schools in the start of September to do my A-Levels, and I am so excited to meet new people and study, and learn new things. I am also excited for things to happen in my family, it is such a blessing. And, most of all, I am so excited (favourite word at the minute) for you guys. I am excited to keep on writing, blogging for you, and now I can even say I am thrilled to be filming for you and vlogging. 

Creating a YouTube is such a big step, and at first I was in two minds about doing it, but now, I am so excited and cannot wait to film new and exciting videos that you can watch!

Going through my Instagram I have found some of my favourite photos from the year, including some of my very special memories and just other photos that I am proud of.

These are quite a few of my favourite memories from 2013. I obviously cannot write every definition and reasoning for behind the photograph, but you can always check on my Instagram @aspoonfulofhope! 

If you have been following my blog for quite a while you would know that I lost someone very important to me this year, and it was my gorgeous cat Megan. I lost Megan almost 24 weeks ago now which seems so so unbelievable. Unfortunately Megan had gotten seriously ill, which lead to having her put to sleep. Megan was 21 years old, the vet said that this was such a good age, and that she lived a long, beautiful life, and in that she did. Megan was apart of my family before I was born and after my birth she was like a second mother. She would always sleep by my cot at night, and carried on with that until she passed away at 21. Before Megan got ill and sadly died, she started to sleep in my room next to my bed more frequently. I don't know why, or what this meant for her, but I think it was reliving a memory for her maybe, and she wanted to be close to me before she passed. 

I know that Megan is in a better place now in heaven with our Lord. So I know that she is in a safe and humble place. I love and miss you Megan, and a happy new year to you. x

I love this image, and it is completely 100% true. I am so excited to start a new school next September and meet new people and make new decisions and have different opportunities given to me. I am also excited like I said above with what is going to happen next year with my blog and YouTube. Hopefully something great!

New Years Resolutions! 

So I have a few New Years resolutions, and comment below what yours are!

1. To lose weight, and have a healthier and more active lifestyle.
2. To be happy.
3. To keep on being respectful to others and treating them equally.
4. To work hard and get my grades.
5. To be more organized.
6. To try new things (foods, opportunities)
7. To meet new people.
8. To share my faith more with others.
9. To be proud of myself and be confident. 

I hope you have such a wonderful new year in 2014, and I hope 2013 was good for you too! Whatever you may be doing tonight to celebrate new years, be responsible, be safe, but most of all have fun! Thank you all so much for being so amazing and supportive, and I shall see you in the new year with alot more interesting and exciting ideas!


Hope xo


  1. I love reading your blog - it always seems to inspire and to lift me. I am hopeful to say that you continue to blog and reach out to every young girl or boy with insecurities, and to inspire us aspire to your level of confidence and gratitude, in the new year. I thank you for the time you have taken to write thus blog or to film a video, they both are beautiful and unique. I wish you a wonderful new year and luck with your resolutions and wishes. Xx

    1. This is such a lovely message. I only do this because of people like YOU who read my blog. It truly makes my day and I am so thankful. I hope you have a wonderful new year too. Best wishes to you lovely. xx

    2. Thank you so much <3 Would it be okay if I were to make video/blog post requests for the New Year? I'm honestly wishing that your blog continues to be a success as you seem to truly deserve all the success it can grant you. Xx

    3. Yes of course! I am always open for ideas and critics to improve! What are your thoughts lovely? x

    4. Thank You. I was thinking that doing reviews, not only on your blog, but on your YouTube channel also. And as I have read that you love to read, I thought that perhaps doing book and film reviews also would be a good idea for you channel. I believe that a review based on a book to film adaptation would be quite unique, and interesting to see your personal ideas on how the two differ. Of course, if you feel that your YouTube channel is strictly beauty and fashion, then look books are always popular, and I see that you have filmed a make-up look, which I am currently loading and waiting to watch. I'm excited I cannot deny! I personally enjoy the morning and evening routines, especially the seasonal and school themed ones. I hope I do not come across as too critical, I just am extremely inspired by you posts and you as a person, and I would like to see more of your talents and help in anyway which I can. Oh, and Happy New Year to you! xx

    5. Thank you lovely, you have so many great ideas! I was thinking about doing book reviews, so you read my mind! Haha! You do not come across as too critical at all lovely, I love hearing new and exciting ideas from people, so I thank you! I'm glad you like my YouTube, it means so much! A happy new year to you too! xx

  2. Aww I'm so sorry about the loss of your gorgeous cat, I have a tuxedo cat and I love him to pieces :)
    Sounds like you've had a fantastic year otherwise :)
    Great Blog+posts :3

    Alice x


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