Knitwear, Pyjamas & Loungewear This Christmas

Monday, 16 December 2013

1. This Christmas pudding jumper is just too cute! I love the little bobbles sticthed onto it! Duck egg blue/mint green is my favourite colour so this jumper is just perfect for my winter wardrobe! This cosy knit would be perfect for a Christmas party, or just to lounge in.

2. What?! I light up Christmas jumper? I am in love!! This jumper is so cute and I have to have this in my winter wardrobe. How cute would you look walking around with this gorgeous piece on?

3. This bobble hat looks so warm and cosy. It would keep your ears toasty warm, and cream would go with any outfit. Pair this with some mittens and one of the Christmas jumpers and you are good to go!

4. I love this colour pink and the silver snowflake is just so pretty. I am loving New Looks Christmas Jumpers this year! How cute would you look on Christmas day?

5. I love love love this pyjama t-shirt from Topshop! It would be perfect to wear on Christmas Eve! It looks so baggy and big, talk about comfort! 

6. MOOMIN! These are so moomin cute! The Christmas theme is so pretty and I love the purple colours. For £20 these are just a Christmas bargain!

7. POLAR BEARS!! I love polar bears and I love dressing gowns, so both paired together into one is just overload of cuteness! I just have to have this beauty in my nightwear drawer! It would be perfect on a lazy day when you can't be bothered to do anything and are just watching Christmas films.

8. This cable knit cardigan from Topshop is just so lovely, and would look perfect every season!! It looks extremely warm and cosy. Lovely! 

9. I actually have these mittens from Peacocks, and they are the warmest gloves I have ever owned. They are flip back mittens, so you don't have to always have no fingers, I prefer these as you can hold things and keep your hand toasty warm! 

Do you have a Christmas jumper this year? If you do send me a picture via Twitter @aspoonfulofhope! 

Post inspired from MilkBubbleTea.

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