January Sales Pick Up's!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Hello lovelies, sorry my post regime has been a bit all over the place lately, but I will soon be back on track! I have A LOT of hauls to show you which will be coming up shortly, and I am so excited for you to see them. This post is about some of the things I picked up from the January sales this month, this wasn't all bought at once, but throughout the months of December and January, and I am not trying to brag so let's get crackle lacking!

Now this wasn't in the sales, but I caved. Yes, yet another MAC lipstick. I am now literally hooked on Mac lipsticks and I can't stop buying them. It has gotten to the point where I have made a lipstick wishlist... Is that weird? I don't think so! I picked up the colour in Pink Plaid. It is in the matte range of lipsticks, but the amazing thing about this is that even though it is matte, it is no where near drying for your lips, I tend to find with some matte lipsticks they can be quite drying, therefore damaging for your lips. Which is always a bad thing, so I am amazed by this product.

As in the swatch above you can see that it is a very pretty pink colour. This photo doesn't show the true colour of this as it is also quite purple toned. This lipstick is so perfect for all year round as is never looks out of place with whichever season. The wear of the lipstick is extremely long. For myself, it lasts around three hours, without having to reapply, that is amazing. I wear this whilst I'm at school and until around two hours before I leave I reapply. Chuffed! Mac lipsticks are priced at £15 pounds, which personally I think are worth it as they are such great quality! I would definitely recommend you pick this up. 

New York, Paris, Tokyo! Every girls dream place to be. I love this top from New Look, it again was not it the sale (typical me), but it was a bargain of £7.99! This top is so comfy, it has such a flattering look and the colour scheme is just my favourite. I love pink and grey together. Perfect!

This is the comfiest jumper in the whole world, oh my lord. This jumper was £8 in the sale down from £12, bargain! This jumper isn't too thick, so it is perfect to wear in the spring months and the summer, if your likely to have rainy weather, exactly like what I have where I live. This jumper looks amazing with some jeggings, or high waisted shorts with a leather jacket and Chelsea boots.

I LOVE URBAN DECAY PALETTES. Funny story is that I went into Debanhams to buy the Naked 3 palette, BUT THEY DIDNT HAVE IT DID THEY, *cries myself to sleep*, but instead the love lady at the counter suggested I purchase the Urban Decay feminine palette. This palette is so beautiful. It has a wide range of colours from girly and light, to edgy. Perfect for day to night. The palette is £25 and comes with six different shades. It also comes with a mini sampler lipgloss which is I'm the shade Wallflower. 

As you can see these eye shadows are extremely pigmented, and I love wearing them. The first three colours, Bordello, Skimp and AC/DC, they are such pretty colours and amazing for the day time. I love pairing Skimp with Bordello for an everyday eye look when I'm going into school, but other than that I will be using AC/DC. 

The other three colours are very edgy and would look really nice in the evening. The shade Gunmetal is basically what the name is. It is a lovely silvery, grey colour which is amazing for parties if you have one around the corner! This would look amazing paired with AC/DC, to give you that really edgy look.  Hijack is a beautiful teal, emerald green colour, which really reminds me of the beautiful emerald green in The Wizard Of Oz, but just a little bit darker. Finally, Lost is just the prettiest natural brown colour which is perfect for everyday.

Oh Lord, this ring. How darn cute is this ring? I love, love, love it! The stone in this ring is so pretty. The crackle effect in the stone is so unique. I bought this for £3 down from £5 so I am pretty happy with that! 

How bloomin fancy are these trainers? I am going to look stylish whilst working out! Haha, no I'd probably still look like a walrus riding a bike.... I love pink and grey paired together, so with a Nike trainer I am perfectly happy! I was really in need of a new pair of trainers as my last Nike pair were nearly 4 years old, so I think I needed to update. Also, my old trainers just were not supporting my feet at all which is extremely bad for you feet, and you should not work out with those trainers if they're not supporting you. 
These trainers are the Nike Flex trainers, and they were £45 down from £55 in Sports Direct. Once I saw them, I ran up to them, picked up my size and bought them. They are so comfortable and I am so excited to wear them at my next workout! I would definitely recommend you pick these up if you're in need for a new pair of trainers.

So that is all I got from the January sales! I am so bloomin happy that I picked these things up and I shall put all of these to good use! If you didn't read my most recent post, it is my birthday on Saturday and I shall be turning 16! So, if you would like to be amazing and say happy birthday to me, or recommend my blog to someone that would be amazing and I will love you forever! You can tweet me at @aspoonfulofhope

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