Saturday, 18 January 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Yes, it is my birthday and I am now officially 16 years of age. The only things I've been excited about from being 16 is 1. Able to buy a lottery ticket, and 2. Finding a job! So as it is my birthday, I thought it would be fun to show you some of the gifts I received from my wonderful family.
 As usual, just pointing out the the disclaimer, I am no where near bragging about the gifts I received from my family, I am just doing this for the interest in others, plus I love reading these type of posts. 
Oh my goodness I received the Soap and Glory The Yule Monty gift bag. If you didn't know about these bags, which I am sure you did, but if you didn't where were you?! They were on offer before Christmas for just £27 instead of £60! Bargain. This deal is just too hard to miss, but before Christmas I was one of those who had missed out on the offer, I thought... When I heard these were in Boots I was so excited about them as I bought one the year before, but I never picked one up. So I am so thankful that my parents picked one up as I am now in love with everything that came with it!

The gift bag came with nine of Soap and Glory's products which is amazing. The bag included the Hand food hand cream, Sugar Crush body wash, The Righteous Butter body butter, Peaces and Clean facial wash, Heel Genius foot cream, Butter Yourself moisture lotion, The Scrub of Your Life body buffer, Thick & Fast mascara, Sexy Mother Pucker XL lipgloss in Pink Out Loud. I have had most of these products before, and have loved them, but I am also so excited to try the body wash and the body buffer. They all smell absolutely divine, good enough to eat, and I am so bloomin thankful to my parents. I now have quite large collection now from S&G, so if you would like to see a collection post just tweet me at @aspoonfulofhope, or leave a comment below. 

OMG, OMG, OMG. What? Really? Yes! I am now the proud owner of the Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh perfume! I saw this gift set in John Lewis in the January sales, but when I went to purchase one they were out of stock, typical bad luck me again, so once I opened this, I pretty much had the same reaction as I did towards the Soap and Glory set, super duper excited and a bit of jumping up and down like a three year old with a puppy. The gift set comes with a body wash and a body lotion, both which smell absolutely amazing, and good enough to eat.

How pretty is this bottle?!? I absolutely love the lid, simple and elegant, but stands out at the same time. The scent is so fresh and pretty, this will be the perfect scent for the spring, and already today I was complimented on how I smelt lovely. I have always, always been so interested in this perfume. From then countless reviews and recommendations from various beauty bloggers, instagramers and friends, I just has to try this beauty out, also because of the packaging. So I am so happy that I received such a lovely gift. 

I apologise if the lighting has changed in these photos, they were took later in the day when I received some gifts from my siblings!  

I LOVE Yankee Candles. My lovely sister Amy and her partner gave this to me along with another present which is below. This is a tumbler candle I believe and it is the holiday themed one which is obviously Birthday. It is in the scent Vanilla Cupcake and it smells absolutely divine! I am honestly in love. I absolutely love the size. Not too big, but not too small. I am so excited to light this candle tonight whilst I watch Breakfast at Tiffany's and paint my nails ready for my meal tomorrow.

I also received this GORGEOUS necklace from my sister Amy, this necklace is from Argos I believe, and it is very precious to me. If you didn't know already, or if you're new here (hello!) I am a Christian and a believer in Jesus Christ, so this gift was very thoughtful and special. I have been looking for a Cross necklace for a good while now, but never found the right one, but this is just perfect. *Insert heart eyes emoji here'. I am going to wear this everyday now (apart from when I'm in school) as it is so, so meaningful to me.

From my other sister Sophie, I received some money which I am so thankful for and I a, so excited to go out and spend it on something gorgeous. Knowing me it will be either lipsticks or a book, haha! 

Sorry for the bad photo, but oh my goodness this coat! I just love this coat. I saw a few Pink coats in a couple of fashion magazines and I said to myself "I NEED one of these!", a couple of weeks ago when I popped into Select, I just saw this coat hanging behind a few jumpers, and I ran to it, picked it up and it was my size, and luckily enough the ONLY one left in store! Now that just proves we were meant to be together, doesn't it? This coat was £40, which I personally think is fab, and my parents kindly bought this for me for my birthday!  

Once again, I am incredibly thankful for all of the gifts I received from my family, and I cannot thank God enough for having such an amazing and blessed family. I love them to pieces. Tomorrow I am popping out for a meal with some of my great friends to celebrate today, and some said that they had picked me up something, which is so sweet and I am so thankful, so I will have a MY 16TH BIRTHDAY! Part 2 up tomorrow! Have a great day today!

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