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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Hello eveyone! So I've recently been shopping like usual and picked up a few bits, so I thought I'd show you guys, because let's face it. You're awesome. LETS GET STARTED!

First I picked up these two beauties! I popped in to Wilkinsons on Wednesday and saw that they have a new range out. So like usual old me I go running over and grab everything I can, but then I have to restrain myself and put things back. I picked up this really cute organiser with the Effiel tower on it, *my dreams of going to Paris are getting stronger*. I love this organizer as it has four different compartments to it, weekly organiser, notes, to do lists and address book. It also has two plastic zip pockets to put things in. I'm thinking about using this as blog and YouTube organiser to get me back on track. This was only £2 too. Bargain! I also picked up the notebook for a £1. I don't know what I'm going to use it for but it's handy! If you would like to take a look at Wilkinsons online webpage, go here:

I bloody love dry shampoo! The Batiste blush dry shampoo is so amazing. I love it as it doesn't make your hair feel dry after use, which I've experienced with other products, it makes you roots look fresh and clean and it smells so nice. You can't tell in this photo *fail* but I picked up the biggest can they sell, it's nearly the length of my arm, seriously. This was around £4 which is a very good price as it will last a long, long time.

My mum picked herself and I up a new night cream from Avon. This is supposed to help blemishes, imperfections and reduce spots. It's a goos size pot, which I can tell will last a long time. The cream is very rich, but not greasy. You can feel it helping your skin. This is originally around £20, but was reduced down to around £10.  If you would like to see a product review just let me know!

I finally picked up the Real Techniques core collection! As you can tell they have been used, oooo lovely my DNA. They are so soft, I have been using the Expert Face Brush, which I LOVE, but I have always been eyeing up the set. The brushes retail at £20.99, which is amazing for four brilliant brushes. If you would l Ike to see a more detailed post just let me know!

So I've heard many great things about the Sleek corrector & concealer palette, and now I know why. This thing is amazing. It conceals any imperfections or blemishes perfectly, you can hardly see the dark circles under my eyes anymore when I am wearing this. This retails at around £8.99, which is a perfect price for such a good product. 

The palette has three sections. Correcter, concealer and a setting powder. I tend not to use the setting powder as I use my Rimmel stay matte powder. First you apply the Correcter, to even out skin tone, and then you apply the concealer. To apply I use my Real Techniques foundation brush.

How amazing is this packaging, it looks so high end.

I also picked up this brow kit palette, which is a dupe of the Benefit Brow Zings that originally is priced at around £22. The Brow kit palette is such an amazing dupe of the palette, and for around 2x less the price of the Benefit product, it is definitely something to pick up! The palette has two parts, the cream which you apply once, and then the setting powder which you apply afterwards. 

This is what the pallete looks like. The set also comes with two brushes. An angle brush to apply the cream wax, and the rounded brush to apply the setting powder. You also get a small pair of tweezers which is so handy for on the go. This set it so useful for travelling if you need to reapply, and small enough to fit into your handbag.

So that is everything I have picked up recently. This is not all from one shopping trip, I have bought these products from a couple of weeks. I really recommend everything I have featured in this post and if you pick any of these items up, tell me what you think of them! 
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