A Day In My Life | Exam Stress, Video Failing And I Wear Glasses?

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

So I know I only just put up a post YESTERDAY, but sometimes I just feel like talking to you guys, and plus I am feeling quite bored, so I thought I would tell you what I have been up to today. I think I might doing these kind of non beauty/fashion related posts, where I just talk to you all, so you get to know me a bit more personally. These will be an off/on type of thing, whether or not I want to share my day, and if I am busy or not.... jokes, I am never busy, I could write a post everyday if I wanted to.

Today was going to be a really organised day, I woke up at 9:00am, got ready super quick, by quick I mean I started at 10, finished by 11:15am, and I was going to do some English revision and then film a video or two once my parents were out of the house. As you can tell, today was not the most exciting day, but it was kind of relaxed.

I started revising around 12, noon and finished around 1 so I could get some food and relax for a bit. As you can see I do actually wear glasses, I am not a contact lens person, I just have to wear them for reading, writing and watching TV. I have been a bit naughty and actually haven't been wearing them because I don't really like them on me, but my eyesight has gotten progressively worse, and I don't want to get stronger lenses (even though I now might). So I have been wearing these for the past couple of days to try and help me see things more clearer. Oh, by the way, I have had these glasses for around half a year now. I know, shameful.

By 2pm, my parents were out of the house, and I decided to film two videos in the peace and quiet... Here's the catch, Mood: Annoyed - So I set up my camera and started filming until my camera said Memory Card Full, so I then had to change the memory card and start all over again. Mood: Frustrated - Take two went well, only until my cat (who is adorable), came into my room and nearly set herself on fire after jumping onto my dressing table and landing near my candle. So that happened, and then we come to take 3... Mood: I don't want to do this any more, somebody send help - I filmed a WHOLE video which once I looked at was 29 minutes long, I know right... and 1) The video was nearly black due to the fact that there was hardly any lighting hitting my face, 2) It was too zoomed out, and 3) You could see that, in fact, I was wearing pyjama bottoms and slippers, and lastly 4) I WAS OUT OF FOCUS.

People, can you actually FEEL the frustration that I felt at that (one) moment in time.... are you singing the song? because I am. So, after all of that I went back to my revision, and revised until around 6pm. I am so stressed out for my exams, it is unreal. Maths is my main concern, as I absolutely SUCK at it, but thankfully my wonderful cousin who is a teacher trainee at University is tutoring me!

Once my parents came back from my local town, they surprised me with two gorgeous dresses from the New Look sale, both under £10! Bargain. I will be soon featuring these in a Spring Haul video, that was filmed today, but failed in the end, and also I am thinking of filming a Spring Look Book for my main channel. If you like the idea of that, leave a comment down below! Just waiting for a non rainy day..

After all of my stress and drama, I finally relaxed, and played around on Tumblr a bit and also changed my theme, I also listened to some music. If you don't know me, you know I just love the one and only Ariana Grande, she is so talented and her outfits are always on point, so I was listening to her album Yours Truly. Ariana is also bringing out a new single on Monday which I am so excited for! (#5daysuntilPROBLEM). Also, I have been loving Ella Henderson's new single Ghost. It is such a good song, I love it!

So that is what I have done today, and now... it's nearly 10pm, and I am writing this post for you. Telling you about my day. I know all I have seemed to do is vent a bit, but I hope you don't mind, we all have these days sometimes where nothing turns out right. If you like this kind of more personal type post, then just let me know in the comments below. Also, have you had a good day? I hope so! What have you been up to?

- Hope

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