Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation | REVIEW

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

So, some of you once finding out that I bought the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation wanted to see a review once I had been using it for a couple of weeks. So, here I am, after a couple of weeks, and I have a review for you.

Before purchasing this foundation a couple of weeks ago, I had heard so many good reviews about it that I just HAD TO try it out. The foundation cost only around £8.99 which I don't mind paying at all for something that I heard was absolutely fantastic.

I purchased the shade Nude, number 150, which I believe is the second lightest shade. After thinking the very first shade was too light for my skin tone, personally I think it could have worked. All of the foundations are quite orangey toned, so personally, I would go a shade lighter than normal. The nude shade works really well with my skin, but can make me look like I have had an self tanning miss-hap, so I tend to either put a very small amount on, or mix it with my moisturiser.

The coverage of this foundation is around a medium coverage, which for every day wear is quite good. I do find that I have to put more foundation, and then concealer on my more red toned patches over my face, to cover them up as I don't find that the foundation covers up red patches to the point where you can't see them any more.

The way in which I like to apply the foundation is with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, brush. I absolutely love this brush to apply my foundation as it gives such a flawless and effortless look, which we, ladies all love. Am I right? You can purchase the Expert Face brush from all Superdrug and Boots stores. The brush costs £8.99.

Overall, in my personal opinion, this foundation is definitely worth buying. Especially for days where you want to wear something a little lighter, and a lighter coverage. Whether you are just popping out to the shops, or you are going to work/school, this foundation is perfect for you. Yes, you need to be careful with shade choosing, but that is no harm is it?

I hope I have covered enough, but if you would like to know anything more about this foundation, then just leave a comment below.

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