Cath Kidston Wishlist & Why I Am Leaving (Don't Panic!)

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Yes, this is another wishlist, and yes I should be revising, which I am but, I am taking a quick break. I thought I would do another wishlist mainly concentrating on Cath Kidston as 1) I love Cath Kidston 2) I love Cath Kidston, and 3) I featured a Cath Kidston item in my previous wishlist and I decided to do a separate wishlist. 
These are just a few things that I have seen and loved, so I decided to share them with you. If you haven't guessed already I am a granny at heart and love my floral scents, patterns and clothing. Not that Cath Kidston is granny-ish, but it is right up my street! 

I just love this dressing gown from Cath Kidston, talk about beau-ti-ful! Now, I have always loved Cath Kidston's dressing gowns as they would be a dressing gown I would be wearing pretty much my whole life (exaggeration), but it is not really and exaggeration as the dressing gown is £75. That took a blow to the heart didn't it. You know what they say, you get what you pay for, and honestly. I hope you do. This is a serious penny saving mission!

How darn cute and pretty and wonderful and gorgeous and how many more adjectives do I want to use is this dress?! Honestly, this is me in a piece of clothing. Really... it is. This dress is such the perfect dress for the Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter seasons, so all of the seasons as it will just look gorgeous whatever time of the year. I also have fallen in love with some of the other dresses Cath Kidston do. 
I think this bag is absolutely gorgeous. How cute is this thing? I actually own one of these style bags, so you can trust me on my opinion. This bag is the most handy, versatile, easy to wear and use bag I own. I first bought this bag to use as my school bag, but then decided to use it as an everyday wear bag as I didn't want the bag to get wrecked. My bag has a similar pattern as the one in this picture, but it is in a navy blue colour. When I first bought the bag for school I did wonder whether or not it would fit everything in it, and by everything I mean school books, pencil case, art supplies, p.e kit, lunch box, water bottle, keys, purse and more. This bag literally (a true literally) held all of this in it. I am not saying I took all of what I listed into school every day, but this bag holds a lot. So I definitely recommend purchasing one of Cath Kidston bags if you want a stylish but spacious bag.

Now, if you didn't already know I will be starting the 6th form in September to do my A-Levels before I go to University and I will be studying Media Studies, Law, Sociology and English literature. So that's probably a lot of books, a lot of essays, and a lot of writing. So obviously I need something to carry it all in. Once I saw this backpack I instantly fell in love and I honestly need to invest before September. This looks like the perfect bag as it has two compartments. One compartment for phone/pencil case/girl stuff/keys etc, and the second compartment for things like your books/lunch/folders. It looks like the perfect size and I will want to go to school if I have this beauty on my shoulders. Cath Kidston also do many more prints if this isn't your style, so check them out!

You may or may not have seen this iPad case in my last post which was a Modest Style | May Wishlist. I already have this style iPad case where it flips open which I bought from the Apple store, but after a few months the cover has gotten dirty and I do not feel it protects it as much as it should. Once I saw this case I just loved the pattern and the case look safer and sturdier than my Apple case. 

For even more protection for my iPad, I saw this zip iPad case which I absolutely love. How unique and gorgeous is this patchwork iPad case. I just think that this would go perfectly with my iPad, and would also be even safer if I were to go travelling and didn't want my iPad lose into the world. The store also has a variety of different patterns and I would love to buy them all, but I only need one, haha! 

Mugs, Mugs and more mugs. I might just maybe have an obsession with mugs. I am not going to lie, I have a mug collection which my friends make fun of me for. You know those times when you have plenty of mugs but you see a really cute one and the bond is there and even though you don't need it you buy it. Yeah, these are always my situations, and that is what is happening right now. Honestly these mugs are so cute I need them in my kitchen. Seriously.
Floral mug: link here
Strawberry mug: link here
Cath Kidston collection: link here 

So I don't actually know if I told you this but in August my gorgeous sister is expecting a baby boy! This is my sisters second child, her first child is my gorgeous niece Layla. I am so excited to meet this little boy as he is the first boy in my family in forever. My family mainly consists of girls, which is great, but I have always wanted a nephew. So once I found out that my sister was having a baby boy I was over the moon. My sister and her husband have chosen a name for this little guy and the name is Mason! How cute is that name. Just writing about him is putting a HUGE smile on my face! His birth due date is the 16th of August. Which is only 97 days away (I have a countdown). 

Also a huge coincidence is that Kate, also known as Dolly Bow Bow, a blogger, YouTuber and online store holder is also expecting a baby boy and is due around the 18th-20th of August. How crazy is that?! I am so happy for Kate and her partner and cannot wait until we all see him! 

I just fell in love with this crochet baby blue elephant toy. They also do this cute elephant in a pink colour so it is perfect for both sex's, I just think that this would be an adorable birth celebration gift of a young one or sibling or from the parents. Adorable! 

I also saw this teddy bear with trains all over him. Again they do a girly version of this teddy bear which sadly enough I want to purchase for myself, so no fretting! I think that this is just the cutest present for a new born baby boy, and I cannot wait until I buy this for him! Check out the full children's range at Cath Kidston if you want to buy some gorgeous gifts! 

You might have also seen in the title of this post that I wrote Why I Am Leaving (Don't Panic!). Honestly, do not panic 'aspoonfulofhope' is NOT shutting down. As you know I am in year 11 and currently studying and doing my final exams for my GCSE'S, my exams start on Monday and will continue until I finish school on the 17th of June. Now I am not saying I will not post until the 17th of June, but I am saying that I won't be posting twice a week, or even once a week. I hope you can understand that my school work and exams come first before my blog and YouTube as my exam grades are the things that will get my a job, but after I finish I will have some exciting things in store for you. I hope you can understand that this is a very stressful time for me, and if you are going through exams also, you will know that school work comes first and writing posts in between is very hard. Thank you for your consideration! :) 

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you are a lover of Cath Kidston just like me, you will also be loving some of the companies new stock! Have a great week and I shall write to you soon. 

This post was NOT sponsored by Cath Kidston. I have just done this for the entertainment of others. 

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