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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Hello my loves! So, today I met the one and only CASSANDRA CLARE!! A few weeks ago my friend Zoe and I found out that Cassandra Clare was going to be at the Hay On Wye Book festival, so obviously after finding out we had to go! The tickets were only £6 each, and to see this amazing author you couldn't go wrong.

The Hay On Wye book festival is held for a week, and each day a few famous authors will be having meetup's/talks there. If you want to stay for 2/3 days, or even the week, most people just camp out, which I don't think I would enjoy very much. Especially with the weather we have had today. Rain, rain.... and more rain! It's a good thing that we all brought wellies as it was like we were Peppa Pig jumping in muddy puddles - if you have siblings or nieces/nephews you will understand. Yes, the weather was bad, but it kept dimming out a bit which was okay.

The meet up with Cassandra Clare was held at 1:15pm, and finished at 2:20. Myself and Zoe queued up as soon as we got there, so around 12-12:30pm. We even ate lunch there as we wanted to be as close as possible. We were in row 1 in the queue so we could get to the front. During the queueing period presenters came around were interviewing people in the queue which I found very interesting! 
Once we got into the 'tent' it was honestly like The Hunger Games, fight for the deaths for the best seat... Okay, that was exaggeration, but not that much. We were both sat in the middle section 5 rows from the front. It was the perfect viewing position and I managed to get some good photos as shown above. 
Also, during one part of the talk she and another author - whose name I have forgotten (I am sorry) read a section of her new book apart of the Bane Chronicles. I can't say much for obvious reasons, but it was incredibly funny.

After the talk everyone raced again to get in the queue to get our books signed. We had to queue for roughly and hour and once we got to the section there were all of her books on a table which you could purchase and get signed. Myself and Zoe bought the Shadow Hunters Codex as we were eager to get it. My mum was also with us so she could take the photo taking! I was so nervous to meet her due to the fact that I was filled with excitement! Once I walked up to the table where she was sat, I just turned into the excited freak who just had a lovely conversation with her. Cassandra was such a lovely person to speak to and you could really tell that see loved to meet her fans! 

After the meet up we went to the Oxfam stall where you could buy all second hand books. All of the books that were there were in such good condition. Well they should be... you know us book lovers! I bought 6 books all together - including the Shadowhunters Codex, and my parents bought 3 books and Zoe purchased 2. I will be posting a separate post on Tuesday for my book haul.  All of my 5 books came to a total of £8 which is the price of one book most of the time! All of the books I bought were in such good condition and they all sound so good!

By the time we were finished with the meet up, book signing and book shopping it was nearly 5:00pm, so we left and started to drive near home so we could get some food. We went to KFC for food, and honestly, we all needed it. We were starved from eating lunch early! 

Myself and Zoe had such an amazing day today and I am thankful for my parents for taking us. I am still starstruck due to the fact that we met such an amazing lady today and I couldn't be more grateful for her kindness and intelligence to write these amazing books. 

If you like Cassandra Clare 1) You're now my bestfriend 2) Are you jealous? and 3) How many of her books have you read, or are you a recent newbie like me and have only read a few? Leave a comment below so I cant chat to you about it! 

I hope you have had a lovely day and I shall post to you soon!

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