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Monday, 5 May 2014

So as we are now in May, I thought it would be a good idea to do my May wishlist. I hope you all had a such a great April, and had so many fun things to do. April wasn't the most exciting month for me, but the start of May has had a great kick start as I have been out to the theatre and had some lovely family days. Also, it was May 4th yesterday. May the 4th be with you. Haha.

I have quite a few things to show you, and everything will be linked you fancy taking a look at the pieces I have picked out. As you can see the title of this post is Modest Style | May Wishlist. I have chosen to call it Modest Style as that is the type of clothing I like to go for. Modest is the hottest as they say!

I have been loving skirts at the minute, especially midi and maxi length skirts. They are extremely flattering, they can be worn with many cute tops and make your outfit look so cute. I have found a few skirts that I really like from Matalan and New Look.  
One | I just love this pink check skirt from Matalan. As soon as I saw this the first thing that popped into my 
head was... The Wizard Of Oz. How Dorothy inspired is this beauty? I especially love the mesh panel at the bottom of this skirt
Two | I love stripes as they are very flattering and add something extra to your outfit. Also this skirt is a maxi skirt so this combines two of my favourite things. 
Three | I love this black maxi skirt as you can dress this up with a pop of colour to make it summery, or just add white with it to make is plain, but stylish. You could also just add accessories with colour to add something more.

If you're not up for a plain bottom why not do the reverse and go with colour on the BOTTOM.
Four | I just LOVE this jade green maxi skirt from New look. This is such a gorgeous colour, and again reminds me of the Wizard Of Oz. This would look so pretty with a plain white t-shirt, or a crochet white t-shirt. So pretty!
Five | This is the same maxi skirt, but in a gorgeous dusty/fairy pink colour. I love it, how dainty would this look in the summer months? You could pair this again with a white t-shirt, and then put tan/brown accessories with it.
Six | You cannot tell from the picture but this is actually a midi length skirt, not a maxi skirt. I love this skirt as it still has the looseness and daintiness of a maxi skirt. I also love the blue colour. I am obsessed with the light blue/dusty blue colour at the minute. Pink girl has gone blue! Haha!

I have found some gorgeous dresses that are so pretty and are perfect for the summer months. These dresses are all from Matalan. Did I mention that I have been loving Matalan at the minute? No? Because I have. They have some GORGEOUS pieces in at the moment and are all so wonderfully priced.

One | Can we just take a moment to realise how gorgeous this dress is?! It is so gorgeous and even prettier in real life. I love the detailing on this dress, and look there is a mesh panel at the bottom! I don't know why I love mesh panels so much, but I do!
Two | I love this polka dot print dress. It looks so flattering and I love that it comes with a belt so you can sinch the waist in even more. I have also seen a pink version of this dress in Peacocks which is also gorgeous.
Three | Matalan has their own range named Falmer with many gorgeous, floral/vintage pieces which I am in love with (more products are down below), and as soon as I saw this dress I just FELL IN LOVE.  It is all lace patterned and is so dainty. This is £28, which I think is great for such a perfect dress!

As I mentioned above, Matalan has their own range named Falmer which has some lovely pieces of clothing, and I have picked out some of my favourite pieces.
See the range here. 

One | Now this top isn't from Matalan, but is from New Look. I absolutely love the crochet detailing all over the top, and I love how it hangs over the hem of the top. So pretty!
Two | This is the first top I saw from the Falmer range, and I love it. This top also has some lace detailing that also hangs over the hem of the top. The print of this top is more a mixture of colours which I love.
Three | I love this jumper from this range, you know I am loving blue at the minute and this jumper has blue in it. I love the detailing and stitch detailing of this jumper too. It looks so comfortable.

Four | I love this waistcoat, I mean, I really do love it. Really. This pattern and the overall detailing of this waistcoat is so pretty. You pretty much know I love crochet and lace now, and this has lace on it. So, it was pretty much made for me... don't you think?
Five | This top is similar to the waistcoat as it has a similar pattern and lace detailing. This top looks so flattering, comfortable and lightweight.
Six | STRIPES. MORE STRIPES. I love this t-shirt as AGAIN it has lace detailing at the top of the t-shirt. I don't think I need to say anything else about this t-shirt as I just love it.

I have been recently obsessed with Keds shoes. Keds has recently paired up with Taylor Swift to create her own mini line of shoes. All of these shoes are very 50's and gorgeous for the spring/summer months, and I am eager to get my hands on some. It is kind of ironic how I am talking about Taylor Swift when I am listening to Taylor Swift right now. Haha. These are some of my favourite pairs!
See all of Keds shoes here.

One | I love this pair of Keds, I am not usually the type of person to go with colour on my feet but I have been changed, and this print and yellow colour is just gorgeous. The print of these shoes are super cute yellow birds which I just love. These are so unique and different. Perfect! 
Two | Coral in a shoe. Coral in a shoe. That is like me with cats. Amazing! I just love this pattern, once again there are stripes, ahhh! Also, on the stripes are pretty little bows. These shoes are so girly and pretty. I love them. 
Three | Now this pair of shoes are probably my favourite. It reminds me of the Cath Kidston prints which I am also in love with. I love polka dot prints, and I think the colour of these shoes are so easy to wear and would go with a lot of clothing. 

Four | Oh my gosh. As I have probably said about 1000x in this post, these shoes are gorgeous. I love the floral print of them. So pretty. The pattern on these shoes are quite fussy, but they are not horrible or too in your face fussy. A good kind of fussy in my opinion. They are, in my opinion the perfect shoe to resemble spring and summer.
Five | These pair of shoes are not apart of the Taylor Swift collection, but honestly, I couldn't not include these. These shoes are so simple, but the detailing of them just make them look so pretty and unique. All of the colours are very summery and would go with any outfits. 

Lastly, if you didn't know, which you probably do, I am a huge fan of Cath Kidston. There stock is so gorgeous and I just love everything in there. Yes, it is quite pricey, but honestly, everything and I mean everything is such good quality and I highly recommend. I have found a few bits that I love.

I already own one of these everyday bags from Cath Kidston. I have owned it for more than a year and it is still intact. These bags are very spacious, and they are perfect for travelling, school, work, or just everyday. See all of Cath Kidston bags here.
One | I love this polka dot print bag, it is so pretty and perfect for everyday.
Two | I love this floral print bag, it is so pretty, and all of the colours together look so pretty. I definitely need to get my hands on this one!

I also saw this gorgeous iPad case (also available for iPad mini) from Cath Kidston that I love. This is one of the iPad cases that flip over, so when in use, it is still safe. I have been looking for a new iPad case and this may just be the one! 
See it here.
See accessory range here.

What is your favourite piece from this post? Comment down below and let me know! :-) 

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