Cardiff Shopping Haul

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

True Match Foundation 'Rose Vanilla' / True Match powder 'True Vanilla' / Tanya Burr lipgloss 'Afternoon Tea / Dumbo Toy - Disney Store

As end of GCSE year celebrations my friends and I spent out day in Cardiff shopping, going for a meal at TGI Friday's and going to the cinema to watch The Fault In Our Stars. The Fault In Our Stars is such a brilliant book and amazing film. I can be totally honest and say it broke me and tore me apart. As someone who has witnessed my mum, dad and bampi go through cancer and actually loosing my bampi from cancer really hit home for me and I just became a sobbing mess in the middle of the theatre. Out of 100 I would give the film a 1000! I definitely recommend you read the book and watch the film as it has such an incredible story line. 

So as our trip to Cardiff was quite an expensive trip I only picked up a few bits, but I love them! The first store we hit was the Disney Store as my friends and I are children at heart and just love acting like kids when it comes to Disney. No harm there though! As soon as I saw this Dumbo plush toy I (true) literally picked it up, debated whether to get him or Thumper and headed straight to the till. Obviously I got Dumbo, but I seriously need to pick up Thumper and Marie too! He now sits with his friends Lotso and Stitch. I am not ashamed.

I also picked up some make up pieces for my prom tomorrow. I am so excited for prom and I can't wait until I share it with you! YES, I shall be blogging and VLOGGING prom which you will find on my YouTube channel. I decided, as there was a three for two offer I would pick up the L'Oreal True Match foundation and powder. My mum uses this make up range, and her skin always looks flawless! So I decided to give it ago! Also, in my local Superdrug they have now brought in the Tanya Burr lips & nails. I am not ashamed to say that I started fangirling in the middle of the store. I picked up her lipgloss in 'Afternoon Tea', and I absolutely love it! *Heart eyed emoji*

What have you been up to this week? Do you love Disney? Have you tried any of the mentioned make up products?
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