End Of High School Prom 2014

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Prom. A time where we stay up late and party the night away celebrating the fact that we have finished our final exams and school. My prom was on the 26th of June, so Thursday and that day was the best day probably the best day I have ever had in June. I loved getting all dressed up to have lots of fun and party with my friends.

Thursday was a rather busy day. I woke up around 8am, and started to get ready around 1pm, I managed to get my hair, make up, tan, and clothed all done by 4:30pm which I am pretty proud of. I loved doing my make up as 1) It's what I do as a hobby and for fun, but I just loved spending more time on my make up to get that flawless effect.

If you can't tell already, the 'theme' I went for prom was 1920's The Great Gatsby. As I absolutely love and adore the 1920's - born in the wrong era, and I love The Great Gatsby and everything vintage, this dress and my whole look was definitely me! The dress I wore to prom wasn't my first choice of clothing. I had previously bought a different dress from Coast Stores which was absolutely gorgeous. I bought the dress which was £70, took it home and I was done. That's until I went to TK Maxx (USA: TJ Maxx) and saw this beautiful dress.

It was almost as if I was meant to go to TK Maxx that day to find that dress. As soon as I walked up to the dresses and saw it I might of just ran up to it and picked it up. Thinking that it wasn't going to be my size, I looked and it was. Guess what? It was the ONLY dress there too. I asked a lovely lady at the store if they were going to have any more in as I wasn't going to buy it that day, and she said that the dress I picked up was the only one they were going to have in stock for that store. They also wouldn't have any more back in. Do you get now how it was made for me? Haha. 

I obviously took my other dress back and got a refund, which was so good as both dresses were £70, so it was like we had the dress for free! I found my dress, shoes and bag fairly easily as my shoes and bag exactly matched. My shoes and clutch were from Brantano believe it or not and it all came to around £30. This just proves that you don't need to spend hundreds of pounds on your prom outfit.

The night of prom was amazing. You can watch most of it in my vlog up the top there, but there was such good music, the atmosphere was so lovely and spending time with my friends was so nice. We had a professional photographer there which was charging £5 a photo which is so good. I only had one done, which was of myself. *Vain* haha, no. I thought it was nice to have a photo done and a professional one at that. I need to scan it into my laptop as the photograph of the photograph version isn't very good. If you know how to scan a photo into a laptop, please help me!

To end the night we had a fireworks show (shown in vlog), and it was incredible! It must of cost a fortune as the fireworks were huge and the show lasted a good 5-10 minutes. They were huge. I have now recently discovered that watching fireworks are extremely relaxing for me and I love going back to my vlog just to watch the fireworks at the end. I have always loved fireworks since I was younger, but I think that was the best fireworks show I've seen. Even better than fireworks events I have been to on Bonfire Night. 

I don't think I have missed anything out now, as most of my night is in my vlog, so I can't say much else. One thing I would like to say again is that everyone looked so beautiful, even though we are a quite divided year group and didn't speak to each other that much, it was like we really came together that night and just spent a heck of a good time together as most of us wont be seeing each other again, which is sad, but true. It was the last time to see out teachers and form tutors again, the last time to actually remember each other and reflect on our 5 years of hell, I mean they weren't really hell, but they were hard. The past 5 years have gone so quick, and it's weird to think now that we are leaving school, going to college/sixth form, getting jobs and apprenticeships. We're growing up, and sometimes that can be a scary thought, but at the same time and exhilarating one. I guess we just have to see what life has for us, and hopefully our lives will be and amazing one.
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