London Shopping Wishlist

Thursday, 5 June 2014

From the 25th of July until the 28th of July I will be on a mini vacation, and as we all know London usually means shopping! You may have seen some of these items in previous posts, but this is just a rough idea of what I would like to pick up from London.

1// The Porefessional. We all know it and we all love it, but unfortunately I have only ever owned a test sized tube from a magazine. I just love this product and it does what is says on the tube and it minimizes my pores to the place where they are non existant. This will be a definite pick up once I get to London.

2// Nars blushes are always raved about in the beauty blogger/YouTuber world and one specific blush with an weird name Orgasm has been raved about so much that I just need to pick it up and give it ago. Apart from the not so lovely name, the blush itself looks gorgeous.

3// Mac's lipstick in Rebel is just the prettiest colour for the end of summer to Autumn season. Although this is a colour most people would wear in the Autumn, I am the type of person who would wear it in the Summer. I'm odd like that I know. I have also been eyeing up some of the deep red shades from Mac that I need to give a go.

4// Now, this teddy isn't for me. Plus, I don't like trains. If you read my Cath Kidston wishlist post you will know that my sister and her husband are expecting another baby and this time it's a boy! I have always wanted to have a nephew as we are all girls in my family and I just thought that this teddy would be so cute for when he is a newborn.

5// You would have also seen this in my Cath Kidston wishlist post. I am starting sixth form in September, so I'm going to need a handy bag for me to lark around with me everyday. I think a handbag would be too awkward for me to handle if I am going to be carrying around so much stuff. I love the design of this backpack and I cannot wait until I wear it to sixth form everyday.

6// I have previously owned Mac's Pink Plaid lipstick, but recently I lost it and I have no idea where it has gone. I am extremely disappointed as it was my go to lipstick that I would wear every day. You never know, it may show up. Probably not though knowing my luck.

I might now be getting all of these products as I may find a few other things, but this is just the rough idea for you what I would like to get from London in July.

Have a great day! 

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