New Additions: Drugstore Wonders

Monday, 30 June 2014

I have recently picked up a few new bits this month as my current foundation and powder just weren't cutting it. So after my mum recommended these two products from the True Match range, I trusted her opinion and purchased them. Whilst I was there I obviously just had to look at the other make up bits & bobs, and I saw the (new?) Maybelline colour sensational lipsticks. I instantly fell in love as they aren't too harsh, and are more glossy. I decided to pick up the colour Midnight Plum, and I actually wore this colour to prom, along with the Tanya Burr lipgloss in Afternoon Tea. Both of these lip products are absolutely gorgeous, long lasting and both have such pretty colours that I would recommend to anyone.

If you would like to see any in-depth reviews for these products, I will make sure I will do them for you. Just leave a comment down below, telling me what you would like to see. I am setting up a new blogger schedule, which will consist of every Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday, as I am bringing back old and missed series I made. This may not happen every week, but I will try my best to. 
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