Pandora Tiara Ring

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Oh Pandora. How beautiful you are. I have always wanted to receive or buy a piece of jewellery from Pandora. I especially love the Pandora rings and bracelets. Every single piece of jewellery from Pandora is effortlessly elegant and classy. It looks amazing with everything you wear and is just lovely to look at.

Recently my parents picked up the Pandora Tiara Ring for me as a baptism present and I was besotted at how kind they were to do that for me, and beautiful the ring is. I was actually there when we bought the ring, but I wasn't expecting to actually purchase it. I was just doing some 'window shopping' as they say. 

I was taken by two rings, the Tiara ring and the Pink Romance ring. Both rings are gorgeous and I just couldn't decide! The man who helped us through the process asked if it was the very first Pandora item I have ever bought and I obviously said yes. He then told me to buy the Tiara ring as it is the most well known ring for Pandora. So, I obviously agreed and bought the ring.

So here we are, I have the Tiara ring, and I wear it every single day. I just think that this ring is so beautiful and girly, I just love it. My parents went all cheesy on me and said that they bought me a tiara ring because I am their princess. *Giant face palm x10*. Bless their hearts though. I am definitely going to be shopping at Pandora many more times as I absolutely love their bracelets!

Have you ever bought something from Pandora, if so, what did you get? 
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