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Sunday, 22 June 2014

The comfort and home of a beauty and fashion blogger. I'm guessing we all want to get the insight of the making of the blog posts and the comfort of where we write them. Now, I love to blog writing and the times I write my posts can vary between 8:00am to 1:00am in the morning. Crazy rebel over here!! 

Sometimes blogging can be very tiring and sometimes, and in all honesty,  I cannot be bothered to do it. I think we all get into the blogging slump? Don't we? (Please say yes....) Blogging is such a fun part of my life and when I am in my writing slumps I always miss writing for this blog. So much.

So I thought I would tell you all of my deepest and darkest secrets of the process of writing my blog posts. Consider it a different version of MTV's Welcome to my crib.... Hello, my names Hope Barker and welcome to my writing pad. You feeling that? I know I am, haha. Let's roll with it!

Like I said, writing my blog posts can vary between the time of 8am to 2am in the morning. Again, like I said, I am a rebel, fear me. *growling face* Haha, not really. I really have to be in my element to write my blog posts. What works for me is a good cup of Caro (coffee supplement), or hot chocolate, or just water. Some comfy clothes - preferably pyjamas, good music and a calm environment. For example, as I am writing this post I am wearing comfy clothes, listening to The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack and drinking water. Oh, I am also sat outside in my garden. We have had some lovely weather recently.

I don't always write my blog posts in my garden, but when I do, I go to M&S. I'm sorry, it had to be done. I kid, I mainly always write my blog posts in my bedroom as that's where I'm most calm and  relaxed. I will have a good candle lit so I will be all good.

It usually can take me 30 minutes to an hour to write my blog posts, it really depends what my blog post is on, and how many photos have to be included. Also, photos. All of my photos have to be edited and adjusted to their right brightness and clarity. Haha. It's true though. Photo edited can sometimes get rather frustrating and tiring as it doesn't always pan out the way you wanted it to. That's life *thumbs up*. I always, always use PicMonkey to edit my photos and YouTube thumbnails as it is such a good website to use. I definitely recommend you use PicMonkey as they have so many great features to make your photos look brilliant! 

As you can see, I have been quite nice and given you a little snippet of my bedroom. I am planning on filming a a Room Tour 2014 video on my YouTube channel soon, so look out for that! I might just do it if I hit 100 subscribers. I have 44 subscribers which is crazy! I wasn't even expecting 1, so if I could get 100 that would be insane. Also, I have noticed that I have recently got 66 of your beautiful faces following my blog. That is crazy THANK YOU SO MUCH. HUGS!!! I am so gratefully for that! :) :) :) 

In the photo you can see my bed, that is where I sleep. That is where I write. That is where I plan most of my upcoming posts and YouTube video. This is so interesting right? I am so sorry if it's not. I will also sometimes use my dressing table as a desk so I can write my posts/ edit etc, etc as I can see what I'm doing more, and my laptop doesn't burn my legs off. You guys have experienced the tragic laptop burning right? Ouch. 

'Let's talk about (planning) baby!' - do you know the song. Hint hint 'Pitch Perfect'. 
To plan all of my blog posts and YouTube videos I own a little planner that I got cheap from Wilkinsons. Like a planner, it's has a weekly schedule and at the back it just has note pages and to do pages. If an idea springs into my head I will write it in the back on my note pages, and then will transfer them to the weekly planner side when I want to publish them. Pretty simple, nothing really that special. Haha. 

I honestly think this is all I can say about the insight of a bloggers blogging life, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway. If you have any more questions feel free to leave them in the comments box below. I don't bite and will get back to you asap! I nearly forgot about today's post as I was in church 10:00-2:30. It's been a long day....

So now I'm going to read some blog posts, watch a film and eat some food and totally just CHILL. I think you guys should have a relaxing day too.

I hope you are having such a wonderful, wonderful day and I shall speak to you on Wednesday! 
P.S - how are you liking my new blogger and YouTube schedule? I think it's going well so far! 
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