A Day In My Life: Complete Serenity & Calm

Saturday, 12 July 2014

So as I sit here at 7:20 in the morning I think to myself that wow, I really do love mornings. I mean waking up at 5:00am wasn't so great, but in a way I'm grateful as I got to see the sun rise. When the sun was rising I looked out into my hallway and saw the sun hitting my vintage mirror. That's when I took this photo. I just had to share this with you as in that moment, when I saw the sun hitting the mirror, and little flare of lights on the wall I saw that really the most simplistic things are sometimes the most beautiful.

I know that a lot of people dislike mornings, trust me, I am like that too some days. But it is days like today that when I am just sat on my couch reading a book about Chanel, and reading endless blogs sat in blissful silence, only hearing the sound of the birds outside and the cars going by, that I really know what true peace is. It isn't just about taking a break and sitting in your room for 10 minutes to calm down before you head out the door, it isn't about taking a 5 minute calm session before you take your final exam. I mean, those things are nice, but is that really true peace, or a way to isolate yourself for a minute before getting back into the world?

To me, true peace is in the mornings, when your parents or boyfriend are asleep soundly and you can hear nothing but the breaths they take, or the birds outside finally getting ready to start their day. Peace to me is sitting down, looking at the sunrise soaking in the day that is ahead of you. Reading a book, sitting with your cat, or even just sitting down, with nothing around you. No phone, no books, no television.  Just your complete, and utter self. Peace to me is allowing yourself to have no distraction in your mind, and allowing yourself to think about things. Whether it be what you want to do that day, or maybe what you want to change about yourself. Not to overthink, but to think, to examine yourself, to see your true beauty. A chance to see yourself at your most calmest, and possibly most vulnerable.

I know that some days are hard in which we don't want to get out of bed and face the world because we're too tired, or too sad, or too vulnerable to get ready. I get that, because I have days like that too. The world is one huge scary but amazing place, and I think that sometimes people are so vulnerable to sometimes go outside is due to the fact of what happens in the world. We as humans sometimes feel so comfortable to stay in our own little bubble, where we lounge around and think 'Not today, tomorrow.', that we isolate ourselves from the thousands of opportunities that we could have had that day. I know that as I read this I need to take my own advice as I isolate myself a lot from what could have been a possible opportunity that day. I know that I need to be fearless more and step outside the door and face the day. But sometimes it's just all a bit too much.

What I'm saying right now is yes, be fearless, make yourself get ready one day so you can possibly have a new opportunity, but if you are really not feeling it one day, and your don't want to do sod all. Simply just don't do sod all. It's okay to take a day off from the world, eat that Ben & Jerry's ice cream you've been craving for a month because you told yourself no. Watch all 10 seasons of Friends, or at least attempt to because you fancy a challenge. Stay in your pyjamas and just lounge around all day and not worry about the 10 blog posts you have to write up. Don't be too hard on yourself, because that is never a good thing to do. 'Be kind to yourself you're doing the best you can'.

I know that self appreciation takes time, and true peace comes at ease, but when you are kind to yourself and you really allow yourself to think about your life and what amazing things that will come throughout, it makes that job a whole lot easier. You've got to work hard for what you want in life because no one really helps you, but yourself. Yes people can help you move furniture from one place to another, or text a person to help you get into contact with them. But when it comes to yourself, your mind and what you feel. It's blunt and unfair, but it's really all on you. Once you know that I think you can be a lot more accepting of the world, and hey, people may disagree with what I have said but, to me, that is how I learn to accept myself for who I am.

Now this is a bit of a different side you have seen of me today. You have seen a girl who is still a little tired from her 5:00am wake up call, a girl who has shown you possibly the more vulnerable side of herself, but I think I was meant to write the post today to possibly help one person to say to just be kind to yourself, and love the little things in life whether it is the sun hitting your vintage mirror, or just thinking about the days to come. Life is a beautiful thing. Try to appreciate it. Even if it's hard.
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