A Day In My Life: Memories With Friends

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

So I just wanted to do a quick A Day In My Life today as I haven't done one in a long while. Tonight I went out with some amazing girls to celebrate my friend Sammy's birthday. Her birthday is on Monday, but we celebrated it tonight. Tonight was so much fun, I had a blast with these girls, probably the most fun I have had in a long while.

Tonight I made stronger friendship's with these girls and I love them to bits. Who knew I was such a lunatic when it came to having fun? Well I am weird so I probably should have guessed. Oh, also please don't mind the chocolate stain on my shirt. Of course, I had to be the one who gets food down herself. That's why I am pointing in the second photo. - I honestly can't remember that photo being taken.

There are lots more photos that were taken tonight, but they are pretty embarrassing, so you don't want to see them haha. Hint, hint they were bathroom selfies, aka larking about bathroom selfies. The girls and I seriously need to go out again as we had some amazing times tonight.

Tomorrow Sammy is actually venturing over to my house so we can film a couple YouTube videos and hopefully *fingers crossed*, she can help me film my lookbook (!!!). Tomorrow isn't just filming day though, we are just going to have a chill day I think which I am so looking forward too.

So yes, that has been my day today, and it has been a good one at that. Tomorrow is Pinterest Wednesday so look out for that! My 'A Day In My Life' posts will always be completely random and I will post them, if you like as a little diary entry whenever something good happens.

See you tomorrow x
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