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Saturday, 19 July 2014

With the amount of compliments I get sometimes on my room I thought I would show you my favourite part of my room. My dressing table. My dressing table is where everything happens. My hair, my make up, sometimes I will blog or edit there too.  so I thought id take a few photos of what I keep on my dressing table and show you guys.

Please bare in mind that my dressing table is never this tidy. It can sometimes look absolutely dreadful as I do the thing where I put something on there to put away and say to myself 'ill do that later', and I never do. Do you do the same? - please say yes.

So the main two items I keep on my dressing table are my Yankee Candle and my milk jug filled with flowers. I think both of these give such a pretty and girly look to my dressing table and I love how they fill up quite a bit of space so my table doesn't look bare. With my Yankee candle I just keep a small doily underneath so the glass doesn't scratch the table glass.

I bought the milk jug from Home Bargains for 99p, the flowers are from Wilkinsons £1 each (I think), and my Yankee candle is from Clintons for £20.

I also like to keep both of my make up bags on my dressing table. I always change my make up bags
around, but these are my two favourites. My Cath Kidston make up bag hold my everyday make up that I use the most. The Ted Baker bag holds the rest of the make up I own and sometimes like to go back to. Speaking of which I should look in their more. I can't even remember what's in there!

So that is everything on my dressing table. I do also keep a hanging floral bird decoration on the side of my mirror, and my favourite necklace hangs there too, but I wanted to show you the main bits of my dressing table. If you already didn't know, my dressing table is from IKEA, but I cannot tell you how much it is! I have had this dressing table for around two years, and I still love it as much as I did when I first got it.

The reason being for writing this post is that I am so so close to 100 followers on both my blog, and my YouTube which is actually insane! I am honestly so grateful for everyone who supports my blog, and/or my YouTube account. I have made a deal with myself is when I reach 100 followers on my YouTube, and (hopefully) blog I will film a Room Tour. I get so many compliments on my room, so I would love to show you it. If YOU could help me reach my goal I would be so, so grateful. I love you guys.

If you have a dressing table, what do you keep on yours???
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