Another Quick Thrift Haul! #2

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Recently my parents popped over to Abergavenny to go shopping and they told me they would look in all the thrift shops for me in case they saw anything. Well they did, and they picked up a few bits for me which I am so incredibly grateful for.

How gorgeous is this tea pot? I would call it a milk jug as it looks to small to be a tea pot, but whatever floats your boat! If you didn't see in my previous post and YouTube video, I picked up another tea pot which was also a cat. I love this tea pot as it is originally from China. I love the Chinese style and feel to this tea pot as I really love all of that stuff. The cat and fish are meant to represent good luck, so hopefully that will work. Plus this can range between £10/£20 normally. My dad actually found this, so cahoots to him! This was only £2.50 so it was a bargain.

LOOK. JUST LOOK. Soak that all in. Yes! I finally own a Singer Sewing machine, and I am so glad. This was £30 and came with a case to keep this beauty covered. I have always loved these sewing machines as they are vintage. You know me and my vintage, plus there is just something about them that I absolutely love. Perhaps it's the look of them, I'm not sure. As this won't fit in my room, we are going to keep this in the utility room (laundry room). That's until I move out, so probably not until another 3 years. Until then,, I will appreciate it in the utility room.

The last thing is this amazing book by Justine Picardie. I absolutely adore Chanel & Gabrielle Chanel herself, so once my parents brought home this book I was just ecstatic! This book is filled with different photo's and illustrations for Chanel and this book is based around Gabrielle Chanel herself. I cannot wait to get really into this book and find out more about the incredible band and the Gabrielle herself.

I will probably be doing a lot more Thrift Haul posts soon as I absolutely love thrifting and finding vintagy items. Which item would you want from this haul? Leave a comment down below!
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