July Wishlist 2014 - Cats, Totoro, Hats & Games!

Friday, 4 July 2014

You may be thinking, 'Wow, Hope you have been giving us a lot of posts lately'. Why, yes, yes I have (Phineas & Ferb reference). I have been giving you guys more posts lately because I am no longer in school and I have really got back into blogging lately! I am once again, changing my schedule. Not by much, I am only adding an extra day. So here's the schedule:

Monday: Normal post | Wednesday: Pinterest Wednesday | Thursday: Normal Post | Friday: Instagram In A Week | Sunday: Positive Sunday

I'm not saying that there will be 5 posts EVERY week as there are quite a lot of series posts, and I may want to post a wishlist or something like that on one of the days. Where you see my Monday, Thursday and Sunday posts, they are the days that are for definite. They won't be budging. Nuh uh *clicks fingers* (So much sass). Also, I have been posting a lot of posts recently wish photos which aren't mine like this post right here, and my previous post due to the fact that my camera batteries, which are rechargeable have completely died, and my dad needs to order more in. He still hasn't done this, so I can't film and I can't take photos for my planned posts. Dad, if you're reading (I highly doubt), order the batteries please :). I really hope you don't mind, but I have tons more of posts and videos to keep you entertained! 

Anyway, lets get onto the ACTUAL post :)

So, I have found a few things lately that I actually need. If you didn't know (which you should, unless you're new hi), I adore cats, I love cats, cats are my forte, cats are friends not food (Finding Nemo reference). I have seen these cat face shoes around for a very long while now, and I have been looking for them for ages, but they do not have size 7/8, I have big feet, yes. For your benefit I have put these in this post because they are just so cute! If you could be a darling though and find a pair where they do a size 7/8 UK size, I would be ever so grateful.

I also found this ADORABLE iphone 5C case on eBay for only £1.99! Once again, it is a cat, I have a problem. I love this case 1) It's a cat, duh, 2) It reminds me of my cat Megan who sadly passed away last year, and 3) It's 3d, the ears come out of the case so it looks like my phone has ears from the front. How cute?! I absolutely love this case. It is from China, so I have to wait until July 18th - August 6th, which is a bit of a pain in the BUM but oh well, I have a cat case on my phone right now, I'm okay.

TOTORO TOTORO! Fun fact about me, I actually really enjoy Anime. I always have, but surprisingly enough I have only ever watched one anime film. So I have made it a mission to watch a lot more anime films. I have always loved Totoro because he is so cute, but I have never watched the film. I watched it the other night and holy moly it was amazing! I absolutely love it. I saw that fellow YouTube Anastasjia Louise actually owned a plush version of Totoro, and you can pretty much imagine how I reacted. So, as you do when you want something you try to find it, I went to eBay and searched for Totoro and I found him! For only £13.99, it's an amazing price, and I need him. NEED him. NEED.

You pretty much saw how much I love Totoro because of the essay above, so once I found this Totoro ONESIE, I nearly died... I'm joking, I didn't, I fangirled though. I absolutely love onesie's, and the thing I love most about this onesie is 1) Obviously because it's Totoro, and 2) It hasn't got feet. The one onesie I own (Hello Kitty... I am 16 don't worry) has feet, and I am honestly surprised I haven't fallen to my death yet. The feet are so big! So onesie's with no feet is perfect!

I have seen a lot of Fedora hats wandering around YouTube and Blogger space, and I really would like to see whether or not I could rock a fedora hat! I am the type of person who doesn't really suit hats, I can pull of a bowler hat, but put a beanie on me and you may as well call me a toe. (A toe, really?). I think that fedora hats look super cute in the summer and autumn/winter times and for £20, it is such an amazing buy. I really need to pick this up!

Another fact about me which you actually DON'T know is that I really love playing video games. Now, let me explain because if my friends read this (hi) they will think 'she told me she doesn't like gaming'. Okay, so I cannot work an X-Box, Playstation (old ones yes), and the handheld game things (I have no idea what they're called), but I can work the Wii, a DS and online games. By online games I mean ones I understand. I told my friend (hi Sammy) that I thought Mindcraft was a game where you win prizes, not real prizes, but like medals and stuff. Enough said there. That's where I stay and that's where I plan to stay.

I have always wanted to get the Nintendo 3ds XL as my very first DS is basically just old, and I can't play with it due to the no stylus situation. The Nintendo 3ds is so cool and I definitely need this in my life, so I can do things other than watch YouTube videos, tv and write blog posts. My parents told me that I needed to actually GET OUT of the house more, instead of playing games and I just laughed in their face. I don't go out, oh no.

I do apologise for the extremely rambly post today, but I am just in one of those very chatty moods. I do hope that this made sense to you though. Probably not. Anywhoo, I really hoped you enjoyed this post, and comment down below the thing you want most from my wishlist. Bye! 
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