June Favourites 2014

Monday, 7 July 2014

 I can honestly not believe how quick June went! June was fairly a good month for me. I left school and will never be doing my GCSE'S again (hopefully), I got close to so many more people and realised who my true friends were, I went to my Year 11 prom, and I became more dedicated towards my YouTube. All good things. I am very happy with June, so hopefully July can be a good month too. As I wont be able to film my June Favourites due to the no batteries situation, so I thought I would just do a blog post on them. That's always fun right??

L'Oreal True Match Foundation - I absolutely love this foundation. It is honestly probably the best foundation I have used out of all the foundations I have tried. The coverage of this foundation is a medium coverage, but can be build-able, and it covers all redness and evens out the skin tone. I have had a few bad spot problems at the minute which is making my cheek look like a tomato. When I put this foundation on it completely reduces the redness, and makes my skin look very healthy. It applies incredibly well and is long lasting. You need to pick this up.

L'Oreal True Match Powder - This powder is absolutely amazing. It is again one of the best powders I have used. This along with the foundation is obviously a match, and it works so well. It reduces all shine, and keeps my make up staying strong all day. It's a compressed powder, which I personally prefer. I apply it with one of the make up brushed which are apart of the Real Techniques face set. I again, recommend if you buy the foundation, you also buy the powder. 

Maybelline Anti Age Eraser Concealer - THIS CONCEALER IS JUST AMAZING. I absolutely love this concealer. I have seen so many good reviews on it, but I always thought 'It can't be that good'. Honestly, it is better than the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. That is saying something. I love the packaging of this product as the sponge applicator is nice to have, and applies the product evenly. It covers all of my blemishes so well, and this along with the foundation seriously reduces my redness. This concealer will last forever as you hardly need a lot of it. Definitely recommend.

Maybelline Rocket Waterproof Mascara - I bought this mascara as I had prom coming up and my non waterproof mascara was just running under my eyes all of the time, and I would look like a panda. I absolutely love the Rocket mascara, and the waterproof was just as good. This definitely lasts and doesn't run under my eyes. I was always weary of waterproof mascaras, but now I love them!

Maybelline Gel Eye Liner Pot & Brush - After months and months if using the Maybelline liquid liner and having difficulty not to smudge it, and get a slick line. My mum kindly decided to get my the Maybelline gel eye liner pot and brush. I used this for prom, and it took me no time at all to get an elegant and easy line in such little time. I was always scared to use gel liner as I wasn't confident with eye liner brushes. That fear has now gone, and I will forever continue to buy gel pot liners.

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in 338 - I found this lipstick whilst looking for a lipstick to wear to prom. If you didn't see my prom blog post I will link it here. I went quite 1920's Great Gatsby, and was thinking about a purple, dark lip as I didn't want to go red. I ended up buying this lipstick and combining it with the Tanya Burr lipgloss Afternoon Tea. This create such a gorgeous and dramatic, but not harsh look. It is also very long lasting and worth every penny.

Collection Lipstick Shade 8 - I am an absolute lover of red lipstick as I think it complements my skin tone, and can just look gorgeous with the right hair and outfit. I have been wearing red lipstick quite a lot recently. I have recently found this red lipstick as it has been hidden away for a while. I haven't been wearing my red lipstick from the Kate Moss range as it is more for the Autumn/Winter time. I don't know if they do this lipstick any more as it is fairly old, but I absolutely love it.

Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Afternoon Tea - Once I saw that Tanya Burr's lips & nails had reached my local Superdrug store you could have said that I fangirled. Which I did. I have been after this range since it was first released but it never hit stores until now. I bought the shade Afternoon Tea and I absolutely love it. These products are so pigmented and act as a lipstick. Their are highly glossy and look absolutely gorgeous. This is my everyday lipgloss now if I am not feeling a bright red lip. I am eager to pick up more now desperately.

I hope you enjoyed this post. My usual blogging and filming regime will be back to normal when my new batteries arrive. My camera is such a pain sometimes. Have you tried any of the products mentioned? If not, what do you want to try most? :)
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