My Summer Bucketlist 2014

Friday, 11 July 2014

So I was talking to a lovely girl who's blog I read, YouTube and Instagram I stalk and she did a lovely post called the 'My Summer Wishlist 2014'. Oh, her name is Emma Kate, also known as ekyjones (you pronounce it on Youtube, and Handpickedbeauty on blogger. 

She told me to do this post, so that is was I am going to do! Here are the top 20 things I want to do this summer.

1 - Read endless amounts of books
2 - Sit outside in the sunshine
3 - Make many fruit salads
4 - Make ice lollies
5 - Go to the beach
6 - Travel somewhere 
7 - Spend time with my friends
8 - Where lots of dresses
9 - Go thrift shopping
10 - Go on a mini vacation
11 - Paint my nails
12 - Be happy with myself
13 - Build up my confidence
14 - Sit outside and watch the sun set
15 - Sit outside with a blanket
16 - Have a picnic
17 - Travel somewhere new
18 - Go shopping, alot.
19 - Spend lots of time with my cats (typical me)
20 - See my family a lot and spend time with them.

Now, these may not seem like the most amazing, adventurous goals ever, but they are enough for me and some of them I really want to try and accomplish. If you also do this (tag?) blog post or video, comment down below your blog post/ video link! Have a lovely day. 
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