Olivia Burton Watch Wishlist

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

I am so sorry that I am late on this post this week, but I haven't been too well lately, and I have been busy sorting things out for different bits & bobs. So I sort of forgot to plan and post a blog post, but I hope you don't mind.

I have recently picked up on the name Olivia Burton as I have seen so many pictures of these beautiful watches on Instagram/Pinterest/Tumblr, and I completely fell in LOVE. Plus, it's always great when you find an amazing brand with part of your name in it. Is that sad? I don't think so, but that's me! Haha.

Obviously I searched for their website (http://www.oliviaburton.com/) and oh my gosh I fell in love with the brand even more! If I could own every single watch I would, and that ladies and gentlemen is no exaggeration. Each watch is unique, beautiful and looks amazingly made, that I just need to grab one of these up. There is one problem though. WHICH ONE DO I GET?! That is the struggle I am facing now. I do absolutely LOVE the bee engraved watch. How incredibly gorgeous is that?!

Also, I am a sucker for rose gold - aren't we all? and Olivia Burton does such a variety of rose gold watches, without them being too rose gold if you catch my drift. Each watch is amazingly priced ranging from £50-£150, which is so cheap and amazing value for money.

One thing that isn't as important as the watches themselves, but the branding of them is Olivia Burton's Instagram and website. Okay so the website is just absolutely gorgeous, the way it is set up and the look/feel of the website when you're on there is just brilliant, but their Instagram. Oh, their Instagram is so gorgeous I cannot even fathom. I can look through their profile all day, even though I am looking at watches, the way they put time into creating a gorgeous photo is outstanding. *Snapping fingers* for you.

Here a few photos for you to look at! 

Now can you feel the feels I feel?! How gorgeous are their photos. Simply beautiful and effortless. My favourite photos are the two either side of the middle photograph. I love dusky purple! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! I am off now to cry over these watches as I cannot yet afford to purchase one. Have such an amazing day, and get ready for some really great posts and videos that will be coming your way next week. Trust me, I have some tricks up my sleeves. 
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