Quick Haul: Thrifting, Music & Primark

Saturday, 5 July 2014

I popped into town today and I just had to show you some of the things I picked up today with my parents. I absolutely love thrift (charity) shopping, and I found some amazing bits. Once I saw the cat tea pot, I didn't even question whether to buy it. The same goes for the wall decoration. They are both so beautiful and they look beautiful in my room. The total for both items was around £3.50.

I also popped into HMV today and I picked up Arctic Monkeys fairly new album for just £6, I have been waiting to get this album for ages, so I am so glad I have it now. I also picked up Ultraviolence because I absolutely love Lana Del Rey. This album is so good and I definitely recommend you pick it up, along with Arctic Monkeys!

Before I went back home I went into Primark to pick up a few presents for my friend Sammy who's birthday is coming up soon. We are going to celebrate on Tuesday so I can give her present to her then. I am so excited to give her the presents. Whilst I was in there I saw that Primark do mini roller ball perfumes for £2. Of course I smelt them and I liked this one the best. This is so handy to have in my bag. To me this is a dupe of the Marc Jacobs Daisy, so I am glad I picked this up.

I will also be posting tomorrow. Tomorrow is Positive Sunday day, so look out for that. :) Have a nice day x
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