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Thursday, 10 July 2014

As you may well know I am a girl forever wishing to be born in the 50's, I have totally been born into the wrong era of time. I am a granny at heart and so many people agree. I am one of those people who like to stay at home and if the music's too loud I will be saying 'Turn that down!!'. Yes, I am one of those people, and I am not ashamed. I am also a cat lady. I mean we all know that. Cats are my little obsession and I love them to pieces. If somebody mentions a cat, I will be shouting 'Where?!'. You could say I am like the dog from Disney's Up who goes crazy about squirrels. Instead, I am a sixteen year old girl obsessed with cats. 

I have absolutely adored Sass & Belle items for a long long time now, I have some of their products and they are absolutely incredible. They are wonderfully made and look absolutely gorgeous. I just want to move out of my own house so I can have my own vintage inspired home. How great would that be?

These are just few of the things I absolutely need from Sass & Belle, I know I will have to be buying them soon. I honestly definitely recommend you go to Sass & Belle if you love shabby chic, vintage, beautiful items. I can promise that you will not be disappointed. I mean, look at all of these beautiful items here. Aren't they gorgeous?! 

Have you ever bought anything from Sass & Belle, if so what did you get? I would love to know!

*All images are from the Sass & Belle website
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